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Tippie Career Academies

In Tippie's career academies, you'll partner with a seasoned expert in your career area, execute consulting projects for real clients, build your skill set, and better understand your desired career path.

Career Academy: Your Home at Tippie

Your Community

Your career academy is your home at the Tippie MBA. You'll find like-minded colleagues with a shared purpose, driven toward a career in a common field.

Customized learning, individualized

Customized Learning

You'll work closely with Career Academy Directors to pinpoint areas for personal soft-skill improvement, and create a personalized career development plan to ensure you succeed.

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Business Solutions Center

Connecting students to real companies to solve real business issues.

Henry Fund

Henry Fund

A select group of Tippie MBAs manage this award-winning equity portfolio.

The Impact Zone

Cara Wick

Within the first six months at a Fortune 100 company, she applied management science theories she learned and executed at Tippie and saved $2M for the firm. Read more...

The Impact Zone

MBA Career Academies

Tippie's career academies are the gateway through which you'll become an expert in your field. Each career academy provides a set of academic and professional experiences—tied to industry—that result in marketable skill sets. The academies have a singular goal: to enhance your placement and career success. This is how we do it:

  • Understand target employer needs and respond to them by developing our program, inside the classroom and out
  • Ensure you get the analytical, technical, and strategic skills critical to career success from our curriculum Career Academies - a group of students meets with faculty director Tom Gruca
  • Integrate experiential learning opportunities to accelerate career readiness
  • Provide a personalized professional development plan to focus soft skills and academy business director coaching
  • Build a professional network with faculty, alumni, and industry leaders
  • Develop real-world connections that relate current issues and ethical challenges

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