Core & Foundation Courses

At Tippie, you'll complete a core group of business foundation courses in the first 16-week semester. These courses cover the functional areas critical to a strong knowledge base. That means you'll get to your career academy courses and consulting projects in the second semester, before your internship—bringing real value for your employer and a boost in marketability for you.

The plan of study encompasses 60 semester hours, including 13 required courses. The foundation courses are completed in the fall semester of year one. Advanced core courses follow in semesters 2-4, along with courses specific to your academic track, plus a number of electives you're free to customize. Business Acumen and Career Development is required in every semester.

Foundation Courses—Fall Semester, Year 1

Core Courses—Spring Semester, Year 1

Core Courses—Fall/Spring Semesters, Year 2