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Cindy Goody

Ask how she feels about her career with McDonald's, and MBA alum Cindy Goody could well say, "I'm lovin' it."

The Impact Zone

MBA Career Services

An Active Partnership

Interviewing MBAs

Our active approach to partnering with students in becoming job-ready candidates, as well as our commitment to continually developing new employer partnerships, enables us to be engaged at a high level in the placement process. From the minute you first step foot on campus, your partnership with the MBA Career Services team begins.

When it comes to achieving your career goals, you’ll find Tippie’s small class size an advantage. We work closely with you, so the first step you take as an MBA graduate is the beginning of a fulfilling career that you’ll love. Through a combination of various strategies, Tippie MBA students begin to reap the rewards of their education soon after graduation.

Direct-Referral Process

Through one-on-one meetings, you educate us about your career aspirations, organizations you admire, and geographic preferences. We then complement your job search with referrals to employers we know that have hiring needs that match your skills and abilities.

Our relationships with employers are equally as personal. We have long-standing associations with numerous organizations and continue to develop new ones. We work closely with these employers to understand their hiring needs so we can match qualified and interested students with opportunities. Our employers value this unique, personalized approach. It allows them to fill positions quickly and effectively with new employees who have a passion for their business.

Personal Job-Search Support

Your job search will be driven by your needs. You, along with the MBA Career Services staff, will develop opportunities that promote your long-term career goals. Along the way, we provide you with advice and insight regarding strategy, help you practice for interviews, and coach you through negotiations.

Consortium Events

Also known as career fairs, consortium events are a great way for Tippie students to explore potential employment opportunities and learn more about companies that are seeking MBA talent globally. These events provide an introduction to a broader array of MBA recruiters.

Alumni and Business Connections

As a Tippie MBA candidate, you’ll have access to a diverse alumni network, helping you cast a wide net among executives globally. These relationships have proven to be effective at establishing future business and employment opportunities. Some of the best connections you can make as a student come from participating in field study classes, where you’ll consult with companies on current business opportunities. Other networking interactions include guest speakers, company presentations, and alumni events.

Campus Interviews and Job Postings

MBA Focus is our electronic job posting and recruiting system which links students with employers interested in accessing Tippie talent for MBA full-time and internship opportunities. The MBA Career Services team actively engages with employers throughout this process to ensure Tippie MBAs are visible and top-of-mind during the selection process.