Housing Information

Iowa City, Coralville, and The University of Iowa offer many different housing options, from apartment buildings to University-owned rental units. Most domestic MBA students live in apartments and private homes, which generally have 12-month leases. Many international students live in University-owned apartments.

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Iowa City, Coralville, and North Liberty Housing Resources

Please note that this information is subject to change. We'll do our best to update it, but always check with individual landlords/companies for updated information.

Downtown Iowa City (east side of the river):

  • This area is the most convenient to the Tippie business buildings. Students are typically able to walk to class and are in close proximity to nightlife, shops, and popular restaurants.
  • Many apartments are older and tend to house a large population of both undergraduates and graduates.
  • Parking is likely to be an additional expense and prices can range from approximately $25 to $80 per month.
  • It is uncommon for downtown landlords to allow pets in rental properties. The Moen Group is one of the few pet-friendly landlords, but their units tend to be priced higher.

Iowa City (west side of the river):

  • While most students living on this side of the river are unable to walk to the business buildings, The University of Iowa's free bus (Cambus) serves many locations on the west side of campus.
  • This area is close to Kinnick Stadium and tailgating festivities during football season. It is also near University Hospitals and Clinics and the College of Law.
  • There are a large number of student apartment complexes in this vicinity.
Popular Iowa City Landlords (both east and west side):
  • Apartments Downtown:—1, 2, 3+ bedroom units available
  • Apartments Near Campus:—1, 2, 3+ bedroom units available.
  • Cruise Properties:—2 and 3 bedroom condos
  • Hodge Construction:—Large variety of units (apartments, condos, houses), Some units allow cats.
  • J & J Real Estate:—Downtown and West side Iowa City rentals. Studio through 6 bedroom houses and apartments
  • Linn Street Place:—Upscale 1 and 2 bedroom units for rent downtown.
  • Moen Group:—Upscale units in close proximity to downtown, mostly 1 bedroom, pets are welcome with a nonrefundable deposit
  • Mod Pod Inc.: (319) 351-0102—Primarily 1 and 2 bedroom, reasonably priced
  • River City Property Management:—1, 2 and 3 bedroom condos available for rent
  • Southgate:—apartments, townhomes, condos, single family homes and duplexes available for rent


  • Approximately 5-10 minutes driving from business buildings.
  • Coralville is a suburb of Iowa City. Students living in Coralville commute to school using personal vehicles or the Coralville city bus.
  • Coralville housing is typically newer than many options in downtown Iowa City. Students living in Coralville are usually able to get apartments or condos that are larger than those in Iowa City; thus, Coralville has been especially popular for Tippie students with spouses or families.
  • Parking is often (but not always) included in the cost of rent.
  • Pet-friendly housing is more common in Coralville and North Liberty.
Popular Coralville Landlords:

North Liberty:

  • Approximately 10-15 minutes driving from business buildings.
  • North Liberty is further away from campus.
  • Housing in North Liberty tends to be more cost effective as you can get a much larger and newer apartment for the same rent as many locations in downtown Iowa City. For this reason, North Liberty is a good choice for students with families or spouses.
  • Students living in North Liberty tend to drive to campus each day, but there is also a University shuttle that serves some North Liberty locations.
  • Parking is almost always in the cost of rent, and garages are common.
  • Pet-friendly housing is more common in Coralville and North Liberty.
Popular North Liberty landlords:

The University of Iowa has two options for graduate student on-campus housing.

Aspire at West Campus

The University has partnered with Balfour Beatty to provide housing for graduate students and their families on the west side of campus. These apartments are also pet-friendly!

One and two bedroom units are available. The Aspire at West Campus website contains photos, floor plans, and details about these units, which will be complete by August 2014.

Hawkeye Drive

The Hawkeye Drive units are scheduled for demolition and will close on June 1, 2015. When considering your housing choices, please be aware that Hawkeye Drive apartments will not be available for the long term.

More information about Hawkeye Drive can be found on the Housing website.

Temporary housing is available at the Iowa House, or, for international students, within the University's residence halls. In addition, there are a variety of local hotels and guest houses that offer short-term accommodations.

Iowa House Hotel (at Iowa Memorial Union, on campus)

The Iowa House Hotel is located in the Iowa Memorial Union on the University of Iowa campus and offers temporary student housing during the month of August. You will be matched with a roommate of the same gender. To make a reservation, contact the Iowa House at (319) 335-3513. Indicate that you are interested in the temporary housing student rate and they will tell you the current rate. Directions to the Iowa House are available online.

International Organizations

An additional resource for international students to assist in locating temporary housing is your respective international student organization. Some of the international organizations can provide resources for temporary housing. Contact information is available via the Office of Student Life's OrgSync website.

The Iowa City/Coralville area offers a range of housing types and locations. Living close to campus provides easy access to facilities and puts you in the heart of the downtown area. Choosing housing farther from campus can provide quieter surroundings and lower rental costs.

Where to Live

Most domestic MBA students choose to live in private apartments. These generally have 12-month leases. You'll first have to decide how close you want to be to campus. Living close to campus will put you in the center of the college scene but often means higher prices for less space. Choosing housing farther from campus can provide newer accommodations and quieter surroundings. However, if your unit is not on the bus line, you will need to find on-campus parking. Information about on-campus transportation and parking options, Iowa City public transportation, and Coralville transit are available online.

When to Look

Most undergraduate students sign leases for downtown-area apartments in March or April; if you find yourself looking for housing in May or even later, though the options may be fewer, you won't have any trouble finding a unit. There are still units available downtown, though they're likely more expensive, and there are still many rentals available outside the downtown area (Coralville, North Liberty).

Below are a few resources to help you get started on your apartment search.

Off-Campus Living Guide

The University of Iowa and the city of Iowa City collaborated to bring you this website, which has all of the information you need to launch your housing search. Not only will you get great information about housing, leases, and roommates, you will also find information on being a good neighbor and an active citizen in the community.

Off-Campus Housing Service

The Off-Campus Housing Service is a service of the UI Campus Information Center. The Housing Service provides a free listing of available housing in the Iowa City/Coralville area. Current vacancies are listed by type. The fall listings are also available online. The Campus Information Center is located on the first floor of the Iowa Memorial Union and can help in your apartment search. They have listings of housing types, a knowledgeable staff, free local telephone calls, local newspapers, campus, city, and transit maps, comprehensive apartment directories, and other useful handouts.

Iowa City Press-Citizen

Iowa City's local newspaper can provide you with a daily listing of apartments for rent, rooms, and potential roommates.

The Daily Iowan

The Daily Iowan is the University of Iowa student newspaper. Check out the "Classifieds" for apartment and roommate current listings.

Craigslist and

Many smaller, independent landlords will post rental properties on Craigslist or They are often easier to work with than large landlords and offer a more personal experience, where you will likely meet your landlord. These may require more of a background check, but the prices can sometimes be more reasonable, too.

Zillow is an online real estate network that has created specific university housing pages that show for-sale and for-rent listings within the vicinity of various universities.

Zumper is a free apartment rental search website that helps numerous students move each year through curated listings.

Local Housing Agencies

Another place to start looking for housing is to contact the local housing agencies. The link will provide you with agencies offering multiple listings. Call them to set up an appointment for apartment showings.