Hong Kong MBA

Hong Kong MBA Celebrates 10th Anniversary and Graduation

published July 1, 2012

Tippie Hong Kong MBA Commencement - University of Iowa President Sally MasonTen years ago, in April 2002, the Tippie MBA in Hong Kong was founded, to provide first-rate management education in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Taiwan, consistent with the global engagement goals of the University of Iowa. We are especially honored to have hosted the MBA commencement for this year’s graduates to greet fanfare at Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel, with 10+ dignitaries from Iowa in attendance.

In her commencement address, Professor Sally Mason, president of the University of Iowa, quoted Senator Fullbright on the core philosophy of the university: “Differences in culture should be respected,” as well as “common bond of humanity,” which forms the basis of the university’s vision for international education. Iowa has brought a unique brand of American business education to
Hong Kong, duplicating a degree program that offers the same as its U.S. counterparts
in terms of faculty, pedigree, and qualifications.

University of Iowa Tippie Hong Kong MBA Commencement“What makes the program in Hong Kong stand out,” said Jay Sa-Aadu, [former] associate dean for the Tippie School of Management, “is its focus on experiential learning and diverse mix it attracts.” With students of different nationalities and backgrounds coming together, with different levels of international and corporate exposure, the program is a great breeding ground for future business leaders.

The graduation is both about closing one chapter and beginning a new one. We are also confident that the Tippie values of integrity, innovation, and impact will provide a strong and stable touchstone as the graduates navigate a dynamic and uncertain world.


University of Iowa Tippie Hong Kong MBA Commencement