BAIS Program Tracks

As businesses strive to become more profitable, productive and competitive, there's a growing need to collect, organize and analyze big data to gain insight on business decisions.

At Tippie, the business analytics and information systems (BAIS) major is where students can navigate the intersections of business, big data and information technology—a skill set increasingly sought by many companies.

The BAIS coursework provides skills that apply across all functional areas of business, giving you flexible career options that span business disciplines. In addition, taking an appropriate combination of coursework and capstone projects could earn you the Lean/Six Sigma certification.

Business Analytics Track

The Business Analytics track focuses on the use of data to analyze and improve business processes. Students will be introduced to state-of-the-art analytical techniques in data mining, supply chain management, simulation and optimization. You'll learn the skills to:

  • Systematically improve existing business processes and strategically design new processes
  • Manipulate databases and analyze large-scale business data to provide actionable insights
  • Design spreadsheet-based decision support systems
  • Understand variability and its impact on supply chain operations
Requirements: Database Management Business Process Analysis, Decision Support Systems, Business Intelligence, Optimization and Simulation, Electives

Information Systems Track

The Information Systems track focuses on the design and management of information technology that collects, organizes and secures the data that will solve business problems and will assist a company in meeting its goals and business challenges. You'll learn the skills to:

  • Analyze business processes to determine information requirements and create business solutions
  • Implement databases and develop data-centric applications that are available in the most appropriate manner, such as web access
  • Solve computer network and security infrastructure problems
  • Understand the fundamentals of software design and development
Requirements: Database Management Business Process Analysis, Business Programming, Software Design & Development, Data Communications, Electives

Major Requirements

The department offers required courses and a number of electives for the BAIS major. View course descriptions and major requirements.

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