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How to apply to the Ph.D. program in Management Sciences.

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Ph.D. Program in Management Sciences

The University of Iowa Department of Management Sciences is a leader in business analytics research and education. Our PhD program offers specializations in each of the following general areas:

Specific active areas in the department include data science, social network analysis, machine learning, optimization, statistics, transportation, and supply chain management. Our faculty are internationally recognized as INFORMS fellows, serve on editorial boards for numerous journals including Operations Research, Transportation Science, and Information Systems Research, and have been awarded numerous government and industry sponsored grants. The close collaboration of our students with such accomplished faculty has resulted in remarkable jobs at graduation with high profile universities and companies.

Our location in Iowa City places students in a hub of activity, business, and culture but also in a safe and livable city. This combination is truly unique to the Midwest United States and the University of Iowa.

All admitted Ph.D. students are guaranteed funding for their first year, including a 1/4-time research assistantship in which they will explore potential dissertation topics. Most students continue to receive funding for the duration of their time in the program. Management Sciences is a STEM designated degree program. After graduation, international students may apply for a 29-month OPT, instead of the usual 12-month OPT.