Areas of Emphasis

Information Systems

Ph.D. students at IowaResearch in information systems at Iowa focuses on the development of computer systems and methodology for managing information and knowledge in organizations. Core areas of research include database modeling, machine learning and data mining, knowledge management, Internet technologies, and bioinformatics. These programs have strong technical and quantitative curricula, with a mix of theoretical foundation and hands-on experience.

Operations Management

Ph.D. students at IowaOperations management is the discipline of applying advanced analytical methods to help make better business decisions. This area has its roots in applied math, operations research, and statistics. Core research areas in operations management at Iowa include vehicle routing, supply chain management, facility location, production planning, and inventory management. The primary set of tools used by operations management is mathematical modeling and optimization through both exact and heuristic solution methods.   Many operations management projects at Iowa involve collaborations with businesses, such as John Deere, NuCO2, Pfizer, and Syngenta.

Quantitative Methods

Ph.D. students at IowaThe area of quantitative methods at the University of Iowa includes several disciplines, and the faculty in Quantitative Methods are internationally renowned for their contributions to research and education. Core disciplines include mathematical optimization, heuristic search, stochastic optimization, and statistics for process improvement and forecasting. Faculty also develop computational techniques and software for solving large-scale, real-world problems involving big data. Quantitative Methods at Iowa also provides excellent opportunities for interdisciplinary research with other business, health, and scientific disciplines. Recent interdisciplinary projects include hospital resource allocation, sports rankings, financial trading, and vehicle routing.

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