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What Is the Marketing Institute?

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Our Projects

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What Is the Marketing Institute?

The Marketing Institute is a three-semester program for the top 15 undergraduate students in the University of Iowa, Henry B. Tippie College of Business. While primarily marketing majors, many of our students are double majors (i.e. Marketing/Finance, Marketing/MIS, Marketing/Economics and so on) who are proactive in their intellectual and professional pursuits.

Students are selected on the basis of their academic performance, leadership, interpersonal skills, and executive potential. Our goal is to develop the necessary skills today's employers are demanding through a combination of rigorous a classroom curriculum of skill development and field immersion projects. The four cornerstones of the Marketing Institute are Skills Development & Training, Field Immersion Projects, Summer Internships, and Employment Opportunities.

Institute Cornerstones

Skills Training and Development

In order to succeed in today's competitive corporate environment, the rigorous classroom curriculum focuses on training and developing students in a variety skills, including:

  • Critical thinking
  • Creative problem solving
  • Data analysis
  • Business communication
  • Business writing
  • Business etiquette
  • Business presentations
  • Networking
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

Field Immersion Projects

A major cornerstone of the Marketing Institute is to offer field immersion projects to its student teams. Field immersion projects focus on the many aspects of marketing, particularly developing critical-thinking and problem-solving skills of the students. Under the guidance of the director of the Marketing Institute, students work in assigned teams to solve business problem(s) a participating business organization is facing. Student teams meet on site at their assigned client's office to kick off the project and develop an agreement on project expectations and deliverables. Each team consists of four students for each field project client.

Field immersion projects give the students the opportunity to work like a high-performance business team and to translate their research and findings into ideas and recommendations to the client. Projects typically last one semester and conclude with a formal presentation by the student team to the client.

Summer Internships

We strive to give internship opportunities as a way to further enhance students' learning and business experience. Historically, 100% of students in the Marketing Institute have had internships and /or job offers before graduation. If you're a business looking for high-caliber summer interns, contact us anytime.

Employment Opportunities

Students who successfully complete the program are sought after by employers because they are ready to perform on their first day. Through the skills, experiences, and discipline gained through the Marketing Institute, our students have launched exciting careers with companies such as Accenture, HON, Principal Financial Group, Target, and Union Pacific, to name a few.