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Business Tops Pick of Majors at State Schools

Students at Iowa's universities are more likely to choose briefcases and calculators over tractors or stethoscopes. Business majors dominate at the state's three public universities, a trend mirrored nationwide among college students. Within business colleges, finance, accounting and marketing pique students' interest most often, according to data collected by Iowa's public universities. "Students want to be able to know there will be a concrete use for their education," said Nancy Hauserman, associate dean of undergraduate programs at the University of Iowa's Tippie College of Business. "They see that business degree as a step up in the career market." More than 7,600 undergraduates at the U of I, Iowa State University and the University of Northern Iowa declared business majors in fall 2004. About 2,000 freshmen and sophomores at the U of I were pre-business majors, meaning they intended to study business after completing general education classes. Kyle Norris, 20, said he is majoring in international business and management at the U of I because it fit with his leadership background and interest in traveling. He was also influenced by family members in the business world. "I had a great-uncle who was in international business, and he helped persuade me," Norris said.

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