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Tippie Students Meet Warren Buffett

MBA Students with Warren Buffett On Jan. 27, students from the Tippie College of Business traveled to Omaha to meet with legendary investor Warren Buffett for a two-hour question and answer session and subsequent private luncheon at Gorat's Steakhouse in Omaha. This is the second consecutive year that Buffett has agreed to host Tippie students. Ninety MBA students went on the trip; Scott Hirleman, a Tippie College undergraduate student from the Hawkinson Institute of Business Finance, also joined the group.

In a seminar shared with students from the University of Tennessee, Buffett answered student questions on a wide range of topics, ranging from the effect of the Sarbanes-Oxley act on corporate America to the effect of the Super Bowl outcome on the stock market.

Following the question and answer session, Tippie MBA students Laci Lower and John Kenda had the privilege of being driven to Gorat's by Buffett.

"Mr. Buffett was an incredibly gracious host and the staff at Berkshire could not possibly have been nicer to us during the preparations for to the meeting. The several hours that we spent with Mr. Buffett were one of the most unique experiences I've embarked upon since beginning the MBA program," Kenda said.

Lower added, "Mr. Buffett was humorous and insightful. I especially enjoyed the brief tour of the Berkshire offices that John and I had on the way to Gorat's." Buffett conducted a more informal talk over lunch at Gorat's and covered subjects from career advice to philanthropy and his decades-long partnership with Charlie Munger, vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. Following the luncheon, the group toured the Nebraska Furniture Mart and heard about Berkshire's business policies from the point of view of a firm acquired by Berkshire.

"Meeting Mr. Buffett was a wonderful opportunity. We hope to have the same opportunity next year," Kenda said.

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