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Solon Eighth-Graders To Discuss Hinduism with India Native Dec. 19

Teacher Sue Protheroe's eighth-grade class at Solon Middle School in Solon, Iowa will get to learn first hand what they've been studying in class. Swapnil Sharma, a University of Iowa MBA student from India, will visit the middle school to share information with the students about Hinduism.

Sharma's talk will serve as an addition to a unit the class has been studying on conflicts in beliefs among various world religions. The presentation will be from 12:30 to 1:45 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 19. The visit is part of the UI International Programs' International Classroom Journey (ICJ), which seeks to globalize the K-12 curriculum in eastern Iowa.

ICJ, which is sponsored by UI International Programs, arranges for guest speakers to visit K-12 classrooms and community groups to promote cultural awareness and knowledge of other countries. These guest speakers are trained international students and scholars and U.S. students who have spent time abroad.

For more information, contact Ursula Adelt, International Programs graduate assistant, at 319-335-3512.

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