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UI Business Etiquette Session Noted

To help executives learn the dos and don'ts of the culture, a leading business school in the British capital has set up a series of events to teach overseas luminaries more about the culture. The London Program, a two-day event that took place at the Cass Business School late last year and will be repeated this March, is part of a wider trend of culturally-based courses offered by schools around the globe. For example, the Tippie School of Management at the University of Iowa offered a special initiation course for new students from overseas countries last year, bringing in an etiquette expert to teach them, for example, the correct cutlery use during each course of a business lunch. "Because so many of our students come from so many different countries, they come with significant differences in their cultural backgrounds, especially in areas like etiquette," explained GARY GAETH, associate dean of the Tippie School.

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