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Tippie MBA Featured in BusinessWeek's Specialty Rankings

In the most recent BusinessWeek ranking of MBA programs, the Tippie Full-time MBA Program was consistently featured in their specialty rankings.

These specialty ranking are developed by asking corporate recruiters with wide knowledge of business schools to rank the graduates of full-time MBA programs in a dozen specialty areas and management attributes.

"The Tippie MBA program's inclusion in these specialty rankings illustrates the impression our students make on recruiters. They see that our graduates have the skills—not only in their area of specialty—but in such areas as analytical thinking and communication skills," states Jay Sa-Aadu, associate dean of the Tippie School of Management. "MBA students want to know that they will get a complete management education and the response of these recruiters demonstrates that we provide a robust and valuable program."

Recruiters ranked Tippie MBA students as being strong in the following areas:

Analytical Skills (31st overall, 14th public)
Communication Skills (24th overall, 9th public)
Competing Globally (38th overall, 15th public)
Teamwork (30th overall, 14th public)
Finance (33rd overall, 12th public)
Marketing (25th overall, 11th public)
Operations/Production (20th, 9th public)
Accounting (17th overall, 8th public)
General Management (33rd overall, 13th public)
Most Improved (26th overall, 11th public)
Career Services (27th overall, 13th public)

With the 2009-10 academic year, the Tippie MBA Program will present a revised program with refreshed curriculum, streamlined electives, and hands-on learning requirements that will fully prepare the student for work in the global marketplace. The new program pairs a modular curriculum with experiences that develop a student's leadership skills, ethical compass, and global perspective through classroom experiential learning projects.

BusinessWeek's overall ranking of MBA programs includes the Tippie Full-time MBA in the second tier of programs (programs between 31 and 45 are not ranked by number and are simply listed as second tier).

In addition to being ranked by BusinessWeek, the Tippie MBA Program is featured in a number of other media rankings. While each ranking has different methodology, the program's consistent appearance again illustrates its value.

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