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Tippie Faculty Lead Student Survey

Each year, the Provost's Office asks graduating seniors to name one person who had the most positive effect on their lives while they were at The University of Iowa. This year, more than 800 faculty and staff members were mentioned by graduating seniors. The UI faculty member with the largest number of votes overall was Tippie Marketing Lecturer Dave Collins.

The Tippie College is well represented on the list with 11 of the top 25 vote recipients. Members of the Tippie community who were included in the top 25 include Ken Brown, Tom Carroll, Dave Collins, Phil Davies, Joe George, Cristi Gleason, Rich McCarty, Lon Moeller, Joe Sulentic, Tom Walsh, and Ryan Wilson.

More than 10% of the overall list of 800 faculty and staff were from the Tippie College. Other Tippie faculty and staff included: Alicia Joens, Amy A'Hearn, Amy An, Amy Bartacheck, Amy Colbert, Anand Vijh, Ayca Kaya, Barbara Thomas, Bob Cline, Brian Richman, Brian Rolland, Cathy Cole, Craig Shoemaker, Crystal Stockdale, Curt Graff, David Burgess, David Fitzgerald, David Hensley, David McGraw, Erik Lie, Faiz Currim, Forrest Nelson, Frank Rydzewski, George Neumann, Gerry Suchanek, Gustavo Ventura, Heath Spong, Jay Christensen-Szalanski, John Fraser, John Fuller, John Gallo, John Solow, John Spitzer, Jonathan Shaffer, Joyce Berg, Kelley Ashby, Kevin Den Adel, Kevin Felker, Kirsten Frey, Lynn Allendorf, Maria Kraimer, Mark C Green, Mary Knudson, Mary Mathew Wilson, Matt Billett, Matthew J. Adam, Maureen Beran, Maureen Conway, Melissa Baker, Michael Mount, Michael Wood, Nancy Abram, Nancy Hauserman, Nick Street, Patrick Barron, Patrick Highland, Philip Brooks, Rachel Stewart, Redouane Elkamhi, Regina Hatcher, Renato DeMatta, Rick Mergenthaler, Robert Hartman, Robert Rouwenhorst, Sara Burden, Scott Hauser, Shari Piekarski, Sonja Rego, Stacey Brook, Stacy Narcotta-Welp, Tamara Giluk, Todd Houge, Ty Leverty, Viana Rockel, Warren Boe, William Hedgcock, and Yvonne Galusha.

"We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing an exceptional education and having an impact on our students' lives," states Tippie Dean William C. (Curt) Hunter. "There is no better illustration of that fact than hearing it directly from the students themselves."

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