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Tippie Student Participates in Roundtable with President Obama

Blake Anderson and President ObamaBefore President Barack Obama delivered his speech at the University of Iowa Field House on Wednesday afternoon, he met with a small group of students at the Iowa Memorial Union to discuss financial aid issues and hear their personal stories. Junior finance major Blake Anderson shared an account of his experience with Iowa Now.

"After being searched by the Secret Service, we were all sitting around the table while a German shepherd roamed the room searching for anything out of place. Then, everyone at the table suddenly went silent, and the faces of everyone facing me went blank. I turned around and, sure enough, standing there was the president of the United States.

We nervously introduced ourselves, and then we each told him our financial situation and how we have been paying for our college education. He was so calm and made everyone at the table feel relaxed. It honestly seemed like he was just an old next-door neighbor we were catching up with.

The president sincerely cared about each of the five students and was attentive to each person when he or she was speaking. I thought it was amazing that he already knew quite a few things about us. He let us know he had read our portfolios in the car ride over, so he already had a picture for who each of us were and what we were about. Before I told him my financial situation, he already knew my name, hometown, and where my parents moved to last summer. I have a tremendous amount of respect for President Obama, not only for the position he is in and the responsibility he holds, but because after meeting him, I can confidently say he is truly a genuine person."

Anderson also had the honor of introducing the President before his speech at the Field House.

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