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Choosing Entrepreneurship at Iowa

What's up? My name is Rachel and I'm a junior studying English who loves to read and write more than anything. I feel lucky that I only switched my major once before finding the right one for me. Something I never considered, though, was a business degree. That is until recently, when I discovered I wanted to get a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management. Why? Because these classes are going to help me create something I love that I can share with the world. Let me explain:

1. When I asked a coworker, Christina, about her thoughts on the Entrepreneurial Management program, she gave me a huge smile and merely said, "I love it." How often do you get responses like that when classes are topic of conversation?

2. My other coworker, Jake, listed off a number of things he loved about it, including: the inspiring professors, cool projects, and interesting classes.

3. Along with the inspiring professors, speakers come in and share their stories. They are a testament to the fact that if you create goals and work hard, you can do what you want in life.

4. As much as I love to read and write, I also really enjoy projects. Jake said that most classes come a hands-on business project. They allow me to be creative and is good practice for creating the "real deal," rather than other types of homework.

5. The information that I'm going to learn in these classes will be useful when I graduate. Chances are I will be working at a business and I'll be able to apply what JPEC taught me to advance.

6. I personally know entrepreneurs who created something based on what they love and enjoy doing. They inspire me to someday do the same.

Who am I talking about?
· Josh Krakauer, John Doessel, and Micah Kulish. These three Iowa graduates started a social media marketing agency, Sculpt, only last year. Everyone at Sculpt works hard every single day because we all genuinely enjoy what we do. In this case, "working hard" and "having fun" are synonymous.
· Brian Vogel. Brian is the owner of the Clinton Street Social Club. It's a restaurant on—you guessed it—Clinton Street with a classy aesthetic that takes you back to the 1920's as soon as you walk up the stairs. Brian told me that it reflects him in every way possible. He created a place that he would like to go that serves food he likes to eat.

All of these reasons are why I decided to pursue a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management. At this point, I have no idea what kind of business I want to start—maybe a themed bookstore or a literary magazine. Who knows? But I do know this: whenever I am ready to start my own business, and turn something I love into something I can share with others, I'll have learned how to do it thanks to JPEC. And you know what? I'm stoked.

See you in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Foundations of Entrepreneurship in the fall!

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