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Tippie Faculty Receive Honors

The Henry B. Tippie College of Business is able to boast that its faculty, whether junior or senior faculty members, continue to receive awards and recognition for their accomplishments.

Haidan Li, an assistant professor, has won this year's American Accounting Association manuscript Award while Gene Savin, a senior faculty member in the Economics Department, has been recognized by his peers by being named a fellow of the American Statistical Association.

Haidan Li joined the Tippie College in 2002. Her dissertation research led to the paper, "Employee Stock Options, Residual Income Valuation, and Stock Price Reaction to SFAS 123 Footnote Disclosures." This paper won Li the American Accounting Association (AAA) Manuscript Award, which was established to encourage research by new PhDs. The award is the outcome of an international competition among junior faculty for sole-authored papers. This distinction will be recognized at the AAA Annual Convention in Honolulu in early August.

Li's paper explores the effect of employee stock options on the valuation of company stock using a residual income framework. She investigates whether the costs of stock options are incorporated into share prices and whether stock option information disclosed in financial statement footnotes is useful to investors. Her results suggest that stock prices reflect the expense of stock option compensation and the potential dilution caused by outstanding employee stock options.

Li received her PhD in Accounting from The University of Texas in 2002. She has an MA in Economics from Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey and a BS in Economics from Zhongshan University in China. Her research interests are in financial accounting and reporting, equity valuation, and earnings management.

Gene Savin has been teaching at the Tippie College since 1986. Nominated by fellow faculty member John Geweke, Savin's election as a fellow of the American Statistical Association is recognition for his work in the field. This recognition is provided to Association members of established reputation who have made outstanding contributions in some aspect of statistical work. The Association boasts more than 16,000 members. More than 1900 members hold the title of fellow, of which 1092 are currently active.

Savin attended the University of California-Berkeley where he earned a PhD in Economics, an MA in Statistics, and a BA in Economics. His research interests are in econometric and economic theory, finite sample theory, and hypothesis testing.

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