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UI Students Evaluate Super Bowl Commercials

An estimated 140-million people tuned in for the Super Bowl last night. And advertisers took advantage of the spotlight. The cheapest 30 second spot sold for over $2 million. But will companies be reaping the benefits?

Critiquing Super Bowl commercials is a pastime for many people. But a group of graduate students from the University of Iowa took it to another level by rating the best and worst ads. You don't have to love football to get a kick out of the Super Bowl ads.

After attending the past three Super Bowl games, this year Mark Ahern watched the big game with several University of Iowa graduate students. They're putting in their two cents on the multi-million dollar commercials.

Among the chips and chocolate dessert of this Super Bowl party there's a row of computers for students to evaluate each commercial. The computer surveys determine which ads are getting the biggest bang for their buck.

The best ad for business was an Anheuser-Busch commercial. For entertainment, Fed Ex took top honors, it was the one featuring Burt Reynolds. And the worst all around was a spot from MBNA.

The results will be used in a marketing class at the University of Iowa.

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