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Sustainable (“Green”)
Meetings and Events

RecycleYou can help minimize waste and maximize recycling by planning your meeting or event with sustainability in mind.
This guide will help you plan accordingly.

ClearStream ClearTainers

ClearStream ClearTainers Reservations

The college has three ClearStream ClearTainers that can be checked out and used at your event. They are easily transported and will encourage attendees to separate and recycle designated materials (such as plastic bottles, aluminum cans). Depending on the size of your event and what you'd like to recycle, you may need more than one container. Typically, one container for each garbage can is the optimum number for your event.

When the event is over, you may leave the bag of recyclables on the dock in PBB. Please wipe off the containers and return them clean to the Dean's Office as soon as possible after your event. This document will give you additional information about using ClearTainers at your event.

To reserve one or more containers, contact the Dean's Office front desk staff at 319-335-0862.

ClearTainers are available for your use so you can recycle plastic bottles, beverage cans, etc. You may reserve the ClearTainers by contacting the Dean's Office front desk staff at 319-335-0862. Usage information is available.

The form below may be used to reserve rooms and tables. You must contact the Dean's Office to reserve ClearTainers.

PLEASE NOTE: The individual in charge of PBB reservations will be out of the office on the following dates: June 16-17, July 5-6, 22, 25, August 4-5, 8, 19, and September 2.. If you need immediate assistance, please contact the Dean's Office at 319-335-0862.

Rooms in PBB More Info

Colloquium Rooms (4th Floor)

The colloquium rooms (W401 and S401) seat 75. There is a small kitchenette off of each room. Both also have a small breakout room. You will need to pick up a key to the room from the Dean's Office (C120 PBB). Please note the Dean's Office is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m., M-F. The key also unlocks the rest rooms on the fourth floor. Please lock the restrooms when you are done.

A cordless mike is provided on the podium, but you will need to bring two AA batteries. There is also a desktop microphone that plugs in to the computer deck. When you leave, please make sure the lights and equipment are turned off, the tables and chairs are returned to their original classroom or U-shape style, and the room is cleaned up. All beverages should be served in the kitchenette area. Suggested room arrangements are outlined on the back of the kitchenette door.

Conference Rooms

Each conference room in PBB seats 14 and has a computer that is connected to a 50-inch plasma screen. Please provide your own whiteboard markers and eraser.

  • Colloquia: W401, W404, S401, and S404
  • Computer classrooms: C207, and C231
  • Small conference rooms: S104, C106, W326, W364, S326, and S364
  • Behavioral research lab: C220D More Info
    The Behavioral Research Lab is available to Tippie College of Business researchers and instructors who need to utilize the technology and resources of the room. Instructors who require only internet access should please reserve one of the computer classrooms or the Stead Group's laptops. Email for more information.
  • Gallerias: W101 and S101
  • College Patio

Table Reservations

There are two 60" by 30" tables available for use in the Pappajohn Business Building. Chairs are available through the Undergraduate Program Office.

NOTE: If you want to reserve a room AND a table, be sure to check each box and complete both parts of the form before submitting your reservation.

Your Information
Affiliation with the University Staff Professor Teaching Assistant
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Campus Address
Phone Number(s)
Email Address
How many people will be attending the event?
Type of room requested
Classroom Conference Room
Colloquium Other
If you have a specific room in mind, please indicate the room number
Purpose of room request (meeting, interview, exam, food or refreshments, etc.). Be very specific, and give us as much detail as possible. Include any needed AV equipment.
Date requested
Start Time
End Time
*Please allow time for set up and clean up if needed*
If there are no rooms available at this time or date, do you have an alternative date and time?
Date requested:
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If you would like to use a table for more than one day, please provide all of the dates and times requested:
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