Undergraduate Business

Henry B. Tippie College of Business
Undergraduate Program
Standard Admission Policy

(Effective Spring 2013)

Effective for students applying for admission to the Tippie College for Spring 2013, the Tippie College of Business will adopt a selective admission process. The new process will require submission of a 300-500 word admission essay and a one-page resume. These two documents will figure into the admission decision along with an evaluation of academic performance as determined by a student's GPA in prerequisite courses, the GPA in all courses taken at the University of Iowa, and the cumulative GPA. The changes to the admission process will provide a more comprehensive review of applicants as is appropriate for a preprofessional course of study. Once these changes are in effect, no applicant will be guaranteed admission to the college through GPA alone. The intent of the policy is to encourage qualified applicants to think about their goals and motivation in undertaking a program of professional business study.

Application Criteria

In order to be considered for admission, students should meet the following criteria by the end of the semester in which they are applying:

  • Semester Hours Completed—At least 12 graded cumulative hours of UI credit.*
  • Prerequisite Courses**—These four courses (or their equivalents) must be completed with grades of C or higher:
    • 22M:017 Calculus and Matrix Algebra for Business
    • 22S:008 Statistics for Business
    • 6E:001 Principles of Microeconomics
    • 6A:001 Introduction to Financial Accounting***
  • Grade-Point Average—A 2.75 in each of the following areas: prerequisite, UI, and cumulative.

* Transfer students with 60 or more semester hours who meet the prerequisites and grade-point averages listed above are eligible to apply directly to the Tippie College. Transfer students who have earned less than 60 semester hours or who have not completed the prerequisite courses are held to the admission criteria above. Transfer students are defined as those students who have attended another institution and have not previously attended the UI.

All students are eligible to declare a major in the Tippie College after completion of the prerequisite courses and 6E:002 Principles of Macroeconomics and 6A:002 Managerial Accounting.

Additional GPA requirements for the accounting major include a 3.00 UI and cumulative GPA and a
2.67 (B-) average in 6A:001 Introduction to Financial Accounting and 6A:002 Managerial Accounting.

** Only 22M:017, 22S:008, 6E:001, and 6A:001 will be used in calculating the prerequisite GPA for admission. Additional courses taken will count in other respective areas (e.g. business GPA, cumulative GPA, UI business and UI GPA) but will not count toward the prerequisite GPA for admission.

*** At some institutions in order to receive credit for 6A:001 Financial Accounting (or Principles of Accounting I), students must also take 6A:002 Managerial Accounting (or Principles of Accounting II). If you have any questions, please contact an advisor in the Tippie Undergraduate Program Office.

Application Procedures

Students interested in admission to the Tippie College of Business must complete the online application, which includes transfer course information (if applicable), review of the Tippie Honor Code, admission essay, and resume. Applications are accepted for the fall and spring sessions only. Application deadlines are March 1 for fall applicants and October 1 for spring applicants.

Admission Decisions

The Admissions Committee will meet after grades are posted for that session to review applications. While the committee considers extracurricular activities, community service, and work experience, academic performance weighs most heavily in the committee's decision. If the committee needs additional information to make a decision, an interview may be required. Students who are denied admission and who can provide documentation of extenuating circumstances that affected their academic performance may submit an appeal. Additional information can be found on the appeal for standard admission form.