Undergraduate Business

General Education Requirements

Note: Students may not use one course to satisfy two General Education Requirements.

Rhetoric (010:003) 4 s.h.
Natural Sciences* (lab not required) 3 s.h.
Historical Perspectives* 3 s.h.
International and Global Issues 3 s.h.
Interpretation of Literature - (08G:001/ENGL:1200) 3 s.h.
Social Sciences*—3 s.h. must be completed excluding 06E:001/ECON:1100 AND 06E:002/ECON:1200 3 s.h.
Values, Society and Diversity 3 s.h.


Calculus and Matrix Algebra for Business** 22M:017/MATH:1380 (see Note 1 below) 4 s.h.
Statistics for Business** 22S:008/STATS:1030 (see Note 1 below) 4 s.h.
Principles of Microeconomics** (06E:001/ECON:1100) 4 s.h.
Principles of Macroeconomics (06E:002/ECON:1200) 4 s.h.
Introduction to Financial Accounting** (06A:001/ACCT:2100) 3 s.h.
Managerial Accounting (06A:002/ACCT:2200) 3 s.h.
Business Computing Essentials 2 s.h.
Statistics for Strategy Problems (06E:071/ECON:2800) (see Note 1 below) 3 s.h.
Information Systems 3 s.h.
Introduction to Law (06J:047/MGMT:2000) 3 s.h.
Introduction to Management (06J:048/MGMT:2100) 3 s.h.
Introductory Financial Management (06F:100/FIN:3000) 3 s.h.
Operations Management (06K:100/MSCI:3000) 3 s.h.
Introduction to Marketing Strategy (06M:100/MKTG:3000) 3 s.h.
Business Communication and Protocol (06B:100/BUS:3000) (Direct Admit students take this course in their second year. Standard admission students take this course during the first year in the college.) 3 s.h.

* To be chosen from General Education Program list in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences section in the MyUI student portal.

** Prerequisites for admission to the Tippie College of Business.

Note 1: For students with above-average mathematics aptitude and preparation, there is an alternative way to satisfy the calculus and statistics requirements. Contact the Undergraduate Program Office, C140 PBB, for details.