Undergraduate Business

Honors Program


The minimum requirement for admission and retention in the Tippie College Honors Program is a 3.50 grade-point average in each of the following (note that the University Honors Program requires a 3.33 GPA):

  • Cumulative GPA
  • UI GPA
  • Cumulative business GPA
  • UI business GPA


To join the Tippie Honors Program, complete the Registration form for Honors in Business and return it to C140 PBB.

Graduating with Honors

To graduate with honors, a student must be registered with the Tippie Honors Program and complete an honors thesis. The honors thesis should represent original research conducted in conjunction with a full-time member of the faculty. Students will be asked to turn in their papers in electronic format (e.g., diskette or CD). Each honors thesis should include a 100-word abstract that describes the project and a title page as specified by University Honors Program. Students can earn three semester hours of credit by enrolling in thesis hours in their departments.

Information Sessions. Honors information sessions are held each semester, usually in early April and again in early November. Michael Schluckebier in the Undergraduate Program Office, 319-335-1037, can also answer questions about the program.

Agreement to Receive Honors Designation for Course Work

Complete the Honors Designation for Course Work form available on ISIS by the appropriate deadline.

The scholarships and fellowships listed below are granted each year to students of exceptional caliber. Each scholarship offers an excellent opportunity for undergraduates to continue their education through study abroad programs or assistance with graduate education. To obtain more information on a particular scholarship, please visit the scholarship's website provided. Be sure to inquire with the University of Iowa Honors Program for specific information on how to apply.

University of Iowa Honors Program
Address: 420 Blank Honors Center
Phone: 319-335-1681

The Tippie College Honors Program operates in conjunction with the University Honors Program. Honors students are eligible to graduate with honors upon completion of an original research paper. See the theses and abstract requirements.