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Celebrates 10 Years

It's been 10 years since we began offering courses through the RMI Certificate Program. During its relatively short existence, the Institute has realized great success. Read more

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The Impact Zone

Dana Ramundt

Dana Ramundt studied with Emmett Vaughan, one of the most respected names in the world of insurance, and he credits him for influencing his business career. Read more...

The Impact Zone

Emmett J. Vaughan Institute of
Risk Management and Insurance

The Des Moines Register interviews Professor Thomas Berry-Stoelzle--Making Insurance Cool

"They (milliennials) are more interested in corporate social responsibility and workplace culture. And most strive to play an active role in shaping an organization; they are not content to exist as an anonymous cog in a giant corporate wheel", states professor Stoelzle. Click here to read the full article.

New RMI Curriculum Approved

The RMI Certificate is now more accessible to all Tippie majors! The three Finance electives have been removed for all majors except Finance majors beginning Fall 2016. Now all Tippie majors may complete the RMI certificate by taking only four courses extra. Students are encouraged to begin taking RMI courses as soon as they have completed microeconomics and macroeconomics by enrolling in FIN 3400 Principles of Risk Management and Insurance. Learn more about the new curriculum... Click here for a RMI Certificate planning checklist. Students declaring the RMI Certificate before Fall 2016 may continue to use the requirements that were in place when they declared the RMI certificate.

Risk management and insurance (RMI) is a vital and growing segment of our economy and essential to the economic health of Iowa and the nation. Employment demands are high and the industry is dynamic and changing rapidly. The Vaughan Institute of Risk Management and Insurance is devoted to providing University of Iowa students with the necessary skills to make a difference in the workplace and to serving the employment needs of this highly respected industry.

The Vaughan Institute offers a variety of programs that lay the groundwork for a rewarding career. The keystone of the program is the Risk Management and Insurance Certificate, which covers a variety of topics and ensures that undergraduate students have the needed knowledge for the field.

The benefits of the institute are numerous. Students gain training and guidance to stand out in this rewarding field. Employers appreciate access to a talented pool of candidates as well as the assurance that the future of the industry will be in good hands.

This partnership between the Vaughan Institute, its students, and the RMI industry enhances and builds on Iowa's legacy in risk management and insurance. Become an active partner in the Vaughan Institute.