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Risk Management and Insurance Certificate

What can you do with an RMI Certificate?

Check out videos of recent grads who have interesting jobs as consultants, risk analysts, private equity associate, auditing, commercial underwriting, and more...

The Certificate in Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) provides the training that helps students become established and advance in a rewarding career in business. Completing the certificate is one way for students to ensure that their resume stands out among potential employers.

Offered through the Department of Finance, RMI course work provides students with a basic understanding of employee benefits, property and casualty insurance, life and health insurance, and corporate and financial risk management—knowledge vital for such positions as corporate risk manager, risk management consultant, and employee benefits manager.

Open to any UI undergraduate, the certificate has its strongest affinity among business majors (particularly finance), as well as mathematics and actuarial science majors. The institute provides dedicated scholarships, internships, and a student resource center for RMI students. There are numerous opportunities to network with industry leaders and hear special speakers through both the institute and its affiliated student organization Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS).

Since inception 10 years ago, the RMI program has placed graduates with more than 150 employers in 14 industries. They are working in 24 states and four countries as underwriters, analysts, brokers, bank compliance and fraud officers, actuaries, accountants, auditors, and agents.

Certificate Requirements

The certificate program is open to current University of Iowa undergraduate students. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in their course work and subsets thereof; see Certificate in Risk Management and Insurance on the Emmett J. Vaughan Institute of Risk Management and Insurance’s web site for details. Completion of the certificate is noted on the student's transcript. Most Tippie College of Business students may complete the RMI certificate by taking only four courses in addition to their major.

Students who enter the University in or after fall 2016, or who declare the certificate on or after the first day of fall semester 2016, must fulfill the requirements below. Students who declare the certificate before the first day of fall semester 2016 may choose to complete the requirements stated in the Risk Management and Insurance section of the 2015-2016 General Catalog.

Students must declare their intent to earn the certificate to the RMI advisor in the Emmett J. Vaughan Institute of Risk Management and Insurance; see Certificate in Risk Management and Insurance on the institute’s web site for information on how to enter the certificate program.