Business Communication and Protocol (BUS:3000)

We provide extensive support for the required core course, Business Communication and Protocol, which helps undergrads build a solid foundation of business writing and presentation skills. The course focuses on conveying information, backing it with evidence, and doing so clearly and concisely. Gain skills in composing business content, organizing data, creating presentations, and team-building.

Meet the BCaP team

Erin Elgin, MBA, Lecturer

Erin Elgin has spent the past 10 years as a small business owner and an educator.  She has co-produced feature-length films, edited novels and co-founded a premier fitness facility. She has taught a variety of core business and computing courses at Upper Iowa University, Kirkwood Community College and Southeastern Community College. 

Kodi Scheer, MFA, Lecturer

Kodi Scheer has taught writing and professional communication at the University of Michigan as well as McGill University in Montréal. She is a novelist and editor with significant experience in the publishing industry; her work has been translated into multiple languages. She is the author of Incendiary Girls and Midair.