Get on track. Stay on track.

Need help identifying your academic goals? Have questions about planning your schedule? Academic advisors in the Undergraduate Program Office are here to support you and your educational journey at Tippie.

What can you expect from your academic advisor? What do they expect from you?


  • Come to meetings prepared
  • Seek out resources
  • Take responsibility


  • Provide feedback on academic progress
  • Discuss courses and campus resources
  • Challenge you to reach your goals

Announcement: Undergraduate Core Course Requirement Is Changing

Tippie College of Business is introducing a new core course MSCI:2800 Business Analytics that will be replacing ECON:2800 Statistics for Strategy Problems.

Learn more about this change and how it may impact your plan of study.

Major sheets and appointments

Please schedule an advising appointment on MyUI or stop by during our drop-in hours: 10:30–11:30 a.m. Monday–Friday and 2:00–3:00 p.m. on Monday in C140 PBB. The major sheets listed below are great for getting an overview about your major, but your degree audit is what you should use for planning—don't forget to print out your degree audit and bring it to your meeting.


Make an appointment

Degree audit

You can pull up a new degree audit anytime on your MyUI account. The BBA degree audit shows your progress in meeting all of your degree requirements, including:

  • General Education courses
  • Declared majors or minors (separate degree audit for each program of study)
  • University residence requirements
  • GPA requirements
  • Hours earned and needed for graduation

How do I find it?
Log into MyUI. Under the Student Information section, choose Degree Audit. Request an audit for your chosen program of study, and make sure to refresh this page to obtain the most recent version. Please review your degree audit frequently and bring an updated copy to all advisor appointments. 

Early registration

Early registration is the two-week period near the end of each semester when currently enrolled Iowa students have exclusive access to classes for the next semester. Students are assigned a date and time during the two-week period when they can register for the next semester. Earliest dates and times are assigned to fourth- and fifth-year students, followed by third-year students, second-year students, and first-year students.

During early registration, all upper-level courses (except those in economics) are restricted for enrollment to those students who have declared a major in the department. This ensures access to major courses for students in that major.

Prebusiness students
Students must schedule an appointment with their advisor before they will be permitted to register. A printed degree audit from MyUI and completed registration form are required for this appointment. Students who meet admission requirements and have applied to the college may be given permission to register for two major courses while the application is pending. More can be added after you are admitted to the college.

Direct admits and standard admits
Students must schedule an appointment with their advisor before they will be permitted to register. A printed degree audit from MyUI and a completed registration form are required for this appointment.

Business students with a declared major
You will automatically be authorized to register on your assigned date. You are not required to meet with your advisor prior to registration. You are encouraged to see your advisor if you need assistance or would like to do additional planning prior to registration. Schedule an appointment and bring a degree audit from MyUI with you.