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Academic integrity

Students at Tippie adhere to an honor code that emphasizes the importance of honesty and integrity. The Tippie Honor Code was developed by our students, for our students. It sets the bar high for academics and shapes the values that Tippie grads use to guide their decision making on their journeys beyond college. When you enroll at Tippie, you accept responsibility to uphold the spirit of the Honor Code. 

Tippie Honor Code

Honor Code offenses

If students are charged with violation of the Honor Code, they are contacted at their UI email address by the course instructor and the associate dean. The violation will be considered by the admission committee if the student applies for admission to Tippie.

All nonacademic violations are referred directly to the Division of Student Life on the UI campus and the academic director of CIMBA undergraduate campus for students participating in CIMBA.

Faculty and students can also report incidents of academic misconduct.


Sanctions for Honor Code violations are determined by the course instructor and identified in the course syllabus. The range of possible sanctions for violations within a course may include zero score, reduced course grade, and/or a failing grade in the course. These sanctions are also possible for group assignments and projects for the group member(s) responsible for the violation, along with a reduced assignment grade for all group members.

If a student commits a second violation of the Honor Code, or a very serious first offense, the associate dean may impose additional sanctions, including but not limited to suspension for a set amount of time or permanent expulsion. Suspensions and expulsions will be noted on a student’s academic transcript.

Student appeals

Students charged with violating the Honor Code may file an appeal with the Judicial Board. Appeal from a Judicial Board decision may be made to the associate dean for the Undergraduate Program. The decision of the associate dean may be appealed to the senior associate dean for the Tippie College of Business. Final appeals may be filed with the university's Office of the Provost.

Appeal an Honor Code violation

Tippie Judicial Board

The Judicial Board is a student-led group supporting the Honor Code. They represent Tippie students. When an academic miscoduct occurs, the case is initially reported to the associate dean after which students are allowed to appeal their charges. This is where the board comes in—they handle the accused students' appeals and get to the bottom of the misconduct.

Judicial Board procedures

Interested in becoming a Judicial Board member? Applications are accepted each fall.

Apply for the Judicial Board