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The Krause Fund blends a challenging finance elective with an endowed equity portfolio. Our student analysts dive into the economy, explore industries, research companies, and build extensive valuation models using the same techniques as the professionals. This semester-length project culminates with a presentation to a team of financial professional for possible inclusion in the Krause Fund portfolio.

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Alumni Story
Katelyn Wheeldon

“It's really neat that you're learning something in the same day that you're applying it to your model, discussing it with your group and talking with your professor about your ideas. You're basically a full-time analyst for a semester."

Fall 2016 analysts

The student analysts managing our fund are enrolled in Applied Equity Valuation (syllabus), which seeks to make students experts in the valuation techniques and analytical tools used by real-world analysts. Students work in teams to evaluate companies based on industry and provide detailed investment recommendations.

Analysts employ a top-down approach to research that integrates economic, industry, and company analysis, and use valuation techniques including discounted cash flow (DCF), economic value added (EVA), relative multiple (P/E, P/B, PEG ratio), and fundamental multiple analysis. Finally, all models are sensitivity tested against critical assumptions.

At the end of the course, analysts deliver investment presentations to our Investment Advisory Committee.

Materials and Industrials

Jay Miller, Ryan Gersowsky, Zach Monroe, Mark McLaughlin

Consumer Staples

Benton Peller, Gyuho Cha, Zach Denny, Mengjiao Yu


Greyson Zaun, Dylan French, Jack Sannes, Colton Feldmann

Technology Team Alpha

Adam Dellos, Anthony Yang, Ally Disterhoft, Colter Allen

Technology Team Beta

Wenlong Xu, Wenzhu Duan, Zuodong Ji, Guoying Chen, Yoo Hee Won

Consumer Discretionary

Keaton Christiansen, Jerod Wolfgram, Dwight Bode, Ben Coverick


Kevin Docherty, Cory Paterson, Nico Chaidez, David Ballard

Health Care

Zach Audy, Andrew Birschbach, Hannah Hendricks, Navya Mannengi

Telecom & Utility

Zehua Tan, Tianqi Yang, John Callahan


    Investment Advisory Committee

    Our Investment Advisory Committee plays a key role in management of the Krause Fund. Students present their final research to the board each semester and the committee mentors our students while helping to prepare them for financial services careers. 

    Eric Boucher


    Jeff Kilkenny, CFA

    Principal Global Investors

    Jonah Parker

    University of Iowa Foundation

    Aaron Schaefer

    Hills Bank & Trust Co.

    James F. Wessels, CPA, CFA

    Gremler Financial Group

    Matthew Bowersox

    Houlihan, Lokey, Howard & Zukin

    Tiffany Lavastida, CFA

    Principal Global Investors

    Scott M. Pfeiler

    Rockwell Collins

    Mike Staffenbeal

    Union Pacific

    Catherine Zaharis, CFA

    Tippie College of Business

    Collin Glancy

    Equity Residential

    John McClain

    American Trust and Savings Bank

    Kevin Readman

    US Bancorp

    Will Suess, CFA

    Silverpath Capital Management


    Fund overview

    The Krause Fund was created in 1998 when Bill Krause, founder and CEO of the Krause-Gentle Corporation, made a generous donation to the University of Iowa and other schools in the state to establish undergraduate student-managed equity funds. These schools compete in the Krause Investment Challenge, an annual contest matching the performance of each institution's portfolio during the academic year.