Elevate your learning, accelerate your career

Hands-on, experiential learning bridges the classroom with the real world, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

Through Tippie RISE, you'll acquire job-related skills to advance your career preparation, expand your global view, and build your professional network.

Choose your Tippie RISE experience

Only one experience is required for graduation, but each extra experience you complete prepares you that much more for the real business world. Students who do so will be recognized formally at graduation.

Direct admit students admitted for fall 2015 or later and all students (direct and standard) admitted to the Tippie College of Business for fall 2016 or later must successfully complete at least one of the following Tippie RISE experiences to graduate:

Study abroad
Experiential course


Want to take an in-depth look at a topic that interests you? Consider conducting independent, self-motivated research under the mentorship of a UI faculty member. 

If you have a topic you're interested in, find a faculty mentor who can help you achieve your research goals and timeline. Then register for one of the research courses below. 

How you'll benefit

You'll enhance critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, build a strong relationship with your faculty mentor, and practice collecting, analyzing, and applying data.

Approved research courses

Mentored Research
Honors Thesis in Accounting 
Honors Thesis in Economics
Honors Thesis in Finance
Honors Thesis in Management
Honors Thesis in Marketing 
Honors Thesis in Management Sciences
Undergraduate Research (URES:3992, 3993, 3994, 3995)

Want to learn more? Watch this video to hear about one student's research experience.

Alumni Story
While at Tippie,, Tom Niblock (BBA07) merged his economics and religious studies majors to build a career as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer.

"We wrote a paper together, and I presented it at a conference through the honors program and at the Iowa Statehouse in Des Moines."


Integrate what you've learned in the classroom with hands-on experience in a professional setting. Build your resume and learn about the real business world through an internship. 

How you'll benefit

You'll practice problem solving real-world issues, learn career options in a particular field, develop connections to professionals and a company, and apply academic knowledge to the professional setting.

Once you accept an internship offer, register for an internship course to get more out of this valuable professional opportunity.

Top five benefits to internship courses:
  • Apply your internship experiences to your coursework and career goals
  • Stay on top of your progress, and strategize how to gain more skills and experiences
  • Receive support from a university staff or faculty member throughout internship
  • Include internship on your university transcript, and if desired, earn credits toward graduation
  • Satisfy one Tippie RISE experiential learning opportunity

Most students will choose between Tippie’s 0-semester-hour course or the Pomerantz Career Center’s 1– to 3-hour course; here is a comparison of the two.


Find an internship

Want to learn more? Watch this video to hear about one student's internship experience.

Study abroad

Experience life abroad during our short-term, summer, semester, or academic-year programs. Tippie also hosts our very own mini-sessions in London and China.

Your choice of study abroad program will depend on many factors, such as where and when you want to study, what type of courses you'd like to take, how long you plan to be abroad, and affordability.

How you'll benefit

You'll expand your worldview, learn about other cultures, gain the ability to work in a cross-cultural setting, and improve language skills if you study in a non-English-speaking country.

Learn more

Want to learn more? Watch this video to hear about one student's study abroad experience.

Alumni Story
Katelyn Wheeldon

"I lived with a host family, and they would watch the news and tell me about what was going on with the government and economy. It didn't take me long to get acclimated.”

Experiential courses

Experiential courses give you real-world experience while still having support and guidance from your classmates and instructor.

You'll make an impact outside the classroom in a variety of ways, such as consulting with a small business, creating a marketing plan for a local organization, or completing tax returns for community members.

How you'll benefit

You'll complete professional projects within a structured timeframe, build your resume for future internships and jobs, and strengthen your connection to the Iowa City community.

Approved experiential courses


Want to learn more? Watch this video to hear about one student's experiential course experience.