Undergraduate Program
University of Iowa 
Tippie College of Business
108 John Pappajohn Business Building, Suite C140
Iowa City, IA 52242-1994 
Phone: (319) 335-1037 Fax: (319) 335-3692

Ken Brown
Ken Brown Associate Dean Tippie Senate, Advisor Undergraduate Program Committee, Chair Undergraduate Assurance of Learning, Chair Teaching and Learning Committee, Chair kenneth-g-brown@uiowa.edu


Shari Piekarski profile with video play button
Shari Piekarski Assistant Dean Advising prebusiness and business students Student services in the Undergraduate Program Tippie College of Business International Programs Probation and dismissal shari-piekarski@uiowa.edu Meet Shari


Mike Schluckebier profile with video play button
Mike Schluckebier Director, Enrollment Management Advising prebusiness and business students Enrollment management Course scheduling Curriculum coordination michael-schluckebier@uiowa.edu Meet Mike


Melissa Baker profile with video play button
Melissa Baker Associate Director, Tippie Experience Advising prebusiness and business students Undergraduate Judicial Board Peer mentor program (Direct Admit seminar) Transfer student transition (course evaluations) Commencement co-coordinator melissa-baker@uiowa.edu Meet Melissa


Jen Blair profile with video play button
Jennifer Blair Associate Director, Advising Services Advising business and pre-business students Undergraduate academic advising policies & procedures Online BBA program Honors in the major advising Summer orientation jennifer-blair@uiowa.edu Meet Jennifer


Lindsey Aldrich profile with video play button
Lindsey Aldrich Assistant Director, Recruiting and Admissions Advising prebusiness and business students Prospective student appointments Recruiting events Transfer student transition (Admissions) Business Student Ambassadors, Advisor lindsey-aldrich@uiowa.edu Meet Lindsey


Mark Archibald profile with video play button
Mark Archibald Assistant Director, First Year Experience Advising prebusiness and business students Direct Admit Seminar coordination First-Year Experience programming Gateway Program mark-archibald@uiowa.edu Meet Mark


Joelle Brown profile with video play button
Joelle Brown Assistant Director, Global Community Engagement Advising prebusiness and business students Cross-cultural initiatives and programming Global Engagement Student Advisory Board China May study abroad coordination Exchange programs liaison joelle-brown@uiowa.edu Meet Joelle


Dani Dion profile with video play button
Dani Dion Assistant Director, Pre-Business Success Initiatives Advising pre-business and business students Tippie Learning Coaches (TLC), Supervisor Commencement coordinator Summer orientation Tippie undergraduate newsletter danielle-dion@uiowa.edu Meet Dani


Stephanie Fountain profile with video play button
Stephanie Fountain Assistant Director, Global Internships Advising business and prebusiness students Tippie Global Internship management and course instruction Study Abroad International Business Certificate coordinator Supervise Tippie Global ambassadors stephanie-fountain@uiowa.edu Meet Stephanie


Kate Mersch profile with video play button
Kate Mersch Assistant Director, Admitted Student Engagement Advising business and pre-business students Online BBA program Launch Week, Tippie Fest, and student leadership awards Student organizations katherine-mersch@uiowa.edu Meet Kate


Gabriela Rivera  profile with video play button
Gabriela Rivera Assistant Director, Diversity, Inclusion, and Student Success Advising prebusiness and business students Diversity/Inclusion programming Biz Edge mentoring program gabriela-rivera@uiowa.edu Meet Gabriela


Tevin Robbins profile with video play button
Tevin Robbins Assistant Director, Student Leadership Development Advising prebusiness and business students Student recruitment and diversity (Black in Business series) Student organizations, conferences, and case competitions Tippie Fest, Tippie Expo, and student leadership awards Tippie Hawkeye Service Team (alternative spring break) tevin-robbins@uiowa.edu Meet Tevin


Carol Smith
Carol Smith Assistant Director, Student Support and Persistence Advising prebusiness and business students Strategies to support students at risk for probation and dismissal Probation processes Tippie Learning Coaches tutoring program Excelling@Iowa student success tool carol-l-smith@uiowa.edu@uiowa.edu


Justine Retz
Justine Retz Administrative Services Coordinator Undergraduate Program Office Reception coordination Administrative student staff training and supervision Midterm exam coordination Admissions Visitor liaison Direct Admit Seminar support Office safety/security coordination justine-retz@uiowa.edu


Shari Tolander
Shari Tolander Assistant to Associate Dean Budget Business course scheduling Scholarships Human resources shari-tolander@uiowa.edu

Undergraduate Program Partners

Michael Colbert
Michael Colbert Director of Undergraduate Studies, Business Analytics michael-colbert@uiowa.edu


Kevin Den Adel
Kevin den Adel Director of Undergraduate Studies, Accounting kevin-denadel@uiowa.edu


Sarah Frank
Sarah Frank Director of Undergraduate Studies, Economics sarah-frank@uiowa.edu


Todd Houge
Todd Houge Director of Undergraduate Studies, Finance todd-houge@uiowa.edu


Erin Johnson
Erin Johnson Director of Undergraduate Studies, Management and Entrepreneurship erin-johnson@uiowa.edu


Mark Petterson
Mark Petterson Assistant Director, Frank Business Communication Center mark-petterson@uiowa.edu
Tom Walsh
Thomas Walsh Director of Undergraduate Studies, Marketing thomas-walsh-1@uiowa.edu

Academic Advising Center
C210 Pomerantz Center

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Pomerantz Career Center
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