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Getting an internship is the best way to find out exactly what you want to do after graduation—and what you don't. Apply the skills you've learned in the classroom, or learn something completely different. The Tippie College of Business and the Pomerantz Career Center can help you find the perfect internship that will help you get ahead. 


As a Tippie student, getting an internship can be part of your Tippie RISE experience. But don't stop at just one. Every internship you get during your time at Tippie makes you that much more prepared for the workplace after graduation. 

Find the right fit
Whether you hit up a career fair or head over to HireaHawk, the Pomerantz Career Center has great resources to help you find an internship that fits your needs. 

Find an internship

Create a resume
Found the perfect internship? Now you have to create the perfect resume to show off your skills. Pomerantz has all the advice when it comes to resumes, cover letters, and where to get references. 

Get resume advice

Add the finishing touch
Before you hit send on your internship application, have a peer advisor from the Pomerantz Career Center look over your resume and cover letter.

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Internship courses

Once you accept an internship offer, register for an internship course to get more out of this valuable professional opportunity.

Top five benefits to internship courses:

  • Apply your internship experiences to your coursework and career goals
  • Stay on top of your progress, and strategize how to gain more skills and experiences
  • Receive support from a university staff or faculty member throughout internship
  • Include internship on your university transcript and if desired, earn credits towards graduation
  • Satisfy one Tippie RISE experiential learning opportunity

Most students will choose between Tippie’s 0 semester hour course or the Pomerantz Career Center’s 1-3 hour course; here is a comparison of the two.

 Tippie College of Business internship course
• BUS:3100
• 0 s.h.
• Maintain student status without tuition or fees
• Internship course appears on transcript
• Instructor from Tippie Undergraduate Program
• Online course—no in-person meetings
• Set learning goals, mid-semester reflection, and final evaluation


Pomerantz Career Center internship course
• CCP:1201
• 1–3 non-business s.h.
• Pay tuition and fees for each semester hour
• Internship course appears on transcript
• Instructor from career center
• Online course—no in-person meetings
• Set learning goals, multiple reflection papers, and final evaluation


If you want to connect your internship to your academic discipline in more depth through research, request to work one-on-one with a faculty member in your major.

General internship course enrollment criteria

  • Internship lasts for the majority of the academic term
  • Internship takes place in the same academic term as internship course
  • Intern works full- or part-time, numerous days each week
  • Intern is supervised by a professional at the company or organization
  • Internship is comprised of primarily professional responsibilities

If you meet all the above criteria, complete “Report Internship” form on Hireahawk or see the contact information in the MyUI course description.

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Global Internships

Travel the world while pursuing an exciting internship in your career field. Dive into another culture and gain the experience you'll need to get a job after graduation. There's so much to learn from getting off campus and heading to a different country, and we've got the resources you need to get the internship of your dreams. 

Find an internship abroad

JPEC Internships

The Iowa Innovation Associates (IIA) summer internship program provides ‘real-world’ experience to qualifying University of Iowa JPEC undergraduate students pursuing a degree or certificate in entrepreneurial studies. 

Find out more

Alumni Story
Student Organizations Liz Perez

Get to know the workplace

Liz Perez (BBA15) was hired on the spot during her interview for a financial analyst internship at Bankers Trust.

“Overall, it was a way to prepare for the real world."

For the first time, she was exposed to valuable office standards that she has carried with her, like using proper email etiquette, working on projects outside her role, working with senior leaders, and interacting with different personalities and roles.

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