Internship courses for Tippie students

Step 1: Search and apply for an internship that fits with your professional goals. When looking at your options, follow our guide to finding valuable internships

Step 2: Once you accept an internship offer, register for one of the internship courses below to meet Tippie RISE and to get the most out of this valuable professional opportunity

Step 3: Start your internship and internship course

Top five benefits to internship courses

  • Connect your internship experiences to your coursework and career goals
  • Stay on top of your progress and strategize how to gain more skills and experiences
  • Receive support from a university staff member throughout the internship 
  • Include internship on your transcript and depending on the course, you may earn semester hours towards your degree
  • Satisfy the Tippie RISE experiential learning requirement

Choosing the right internship course

Most students choose between Tippie’s 0 semester hour course (first column) or the Pomerantz Career Center’s 1-3 semester hour course (second column). Both options will satisfy Tippie RISE.

Tippie College of Business academic internship course

Pomerantz Career Center academic internship course


Note: CCP:1006 does not satisfy Tippie RISE

0 semester hours. Can be taken more than once.

1–3 non-business semester hours. Can only be taken once.

No tuition or fees, but maintain student status

Pay tuition and fees of $619-779* per semester hour. In the fall/spring semester, these costs are included in full time tuition
Internship course appears on transcript; graded satisfied/unsatisfied (S/U) Internship course appears on transcript; graded satisfied/unsatisfied (S/U)
Instructor from Tippie Undergraduate Program Office Instructor from Pomerantz Career Center
Online course—no in-person meetings Online course—no in-person meetings
Set learning goals, complete one reflection paper and a final evaluation Set learning goals, complete multiple reflection papers and a final evaluation
Registration criteria & instructions; must complete registration request form prior to enrolling Registration criteria & instructions; must receive instructor approval prior to enrolling

*These are tuition and fee rates for 2017-2018 school year. For full details on tuition and fees, refer to the University Tuition & Fee Tables.

Identify valuable internships
How do you know what to look for? Find out how to spot a high quality internship and which ones to avoid so you know you'll gain the knowledge, skills, and network to further your professional goals. 

Tippie internship guide

Internship FAQs
We know you have lots of questions; you are not alone. Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about internships and internship courses. If you can't find an answer you're looking for, let us know!

Internship FAQs 

Find the right fit
The Pomerantz Career Center has many resources to help you find an internship... get advice on your resume, meet with a career advisor, search on Hireahawk, and visit the job & internship fair.  

Search for an internship