The sky is the limit—get involved

Pursue your passion. Support your community. Make lifelong connections.

The Tippie experience would not be complete without being part of a student organization. From career connections to community service projects, guest speakers, and leadership opportunities, student orgs enrich your college experience with ways to get involved outside the classroom.

At Tippie, student organizations range from retail-focused clubs to coed fraternities that are open to all majors. Explore what interests you and dive deeper to find out how you can join. And don't shy away from taking a leadership role once you're in. After all, the sky is the limit.

Alumni Story
Student Organizations Liz Perez

Find your groove on campus

When Liz Perez (BBA15) joined Women in Business her sophomore year, everything changed.

“If you really want to have an impact, you can at Tippie.”

After two semesters as a member, she took on leadership roles, first as VP of fundraising, then VP of professionalism and VP of external relations. 

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Forms and resources for student organizations

All student orgs have access to free web hosting services through the Tippie College of Business or Orgsync. We recommend that groups who choose to create and maintain a website hosted by Tippie have a dedicated webmaster because these sites are more specialized. To pursue this route, contact Rachel Stewart. For information on how to set up and manage your OrgSync account and website, contact Kristi Finger with CSIL. 

Want to start a new student organization? Contact Tevin Robbins or Kate Mersch in the Undergraduate Program Office, C140 PBB or 319-335-1037.