The sky's the limit—get involved

Interested in exploring a specific business interest? Want to make lifelong friends? Want to learn things that a textbook can't offer?

Check out Tippie's student organizations. With so many to choose from, you are guaranteed to find an organization that is the perfect fit. And we've made it easy for you—just take a look at the organizations below to find out what each one is all about and how you can join.  

Tippie's student organizations fall into two general categories:

1) Service and professional development. 2) Academic interest.

Within these categories, Tippie organizations range from retail-focused to coed fraternities that accept all majors and interests. So find which ones are right for you. Maybe even take it a step further and snag a leadership role once you're in. The great thing about our student orgs is that the sky is the limit.

Student Story
Diana Hernandez

Get involved, find your community

When Diana Hernandez first came to campus, she was overwhelmed with homesickness. She came from a small high school and was used to recognizing every face she saw.

“Student organizations helped me meet some of my best friends in college, making it easier to be away from home.”

Diana fought back against the isolation by diving headfirst into opportunities at Tippie.

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Forms and resources for student organizations

All student orgs have access to free web hosting services through the Tippie College of Business or Orgsync. We recommend that groups who choose to create and maintain a website hosted by Tippie have a dedicated webmaster because these sites are more specialized. To pursue this route, contact Rachel Stewart. For information on how to set up and manage your OrgSync account and website, contact Kristi Finger with CSIL. 

Want to start a new student organization? Contact Tevin Robbins or Kate Mersch in the Undergraduate Program Office, C140 PBB or 319-335-1037.