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HawkTrade Stock Investment Club meets weekly to discuss investment strategies, market news, and share stock opinions. From finance to engineering and from beginners to those trading options and derivatives, members of HawkTrade vary greatly in their chosen majors and experience. Our members are so enthusiastic about finance that you're bound to get excited as well.        

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Instagram: @hawktradeui
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How to join

Begin the path to your financial success by coming to our next meeting.

Intriguing history

HawkTrade was founded by three Iowa students in the wake of the market collapse in 2008. These three individuals wanted to guide their student colleagues in making sense of the market turmoil. We’ve carried on this passion of educating our members about the markets and their current state.

Friendly competition

Each semester we host an online stock investment competition where our members go head-to-head using their investment skills. Win or lose, this online simulation is a great learning experience on how to engage in the stock market.   

Readings catered to you

We truly want to educate you on all levels of the financial markets. We carefully choose recommended readings based on your knowledge level of the markets to enhance your individual experience in HawkTrade. You will never come across a reading that you don't find interesting. 

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