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The Multicultural Business Student Association (MBSA) believes that diversity is key in today's business world. We take that belief and channel it toward building diversity on campus and throughout Tippie. Our wide variety of events make us a fitting student organization for any student to join. Prepare to embrace different cultures and perspectives and find your unique place within MBSA.

How to join

To join MBSA, fill out the membership application and submit it and your membership dues to the Undergraduate Program Office (C140 PBB). Membership dues are $35 for two semesters or $20 for one semester. Payments can be accepted in the form of cash or check made out to “MBSA UIowa.” After that, you're a member. Just contact us about meeting times and locations.


MBSA believes that cross-cultural collaboration is crucial. We are constantly pairing up with other student organizations on campus to create events that celebrate all cultures and interests. We have an important role in educating Tippie students about diversity, and these alliances make our mission much more fun. 

Become certified

As a member of our organization, you can earn the Multicultural Business Leader Certificate. This certificate demonstrates your understanding of diversity in business and your involvement with a cross-cultural team. Being a part of MBSA will give you these things—the certificate just proves it. 

Diversify your circle

We connect you with people who have had firsthand experience with the importance of diversity in the workplace. Build a network full of different backgrounds and perspectives with MBSA, and enter the job market with an open mind and unique ideas.

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