About us

Tippie Technology and Innovation Association (Tippie Tech) facilitates the growth and awareness of information technology. Students in computer science, informatics, and business analytics and information systems (BAIS) will benefit from attending Tippie Tech's networking events, hands-on learning experiences, and professional development opportunities.

How to join

You can join Tippie Tech by dropping in at any of our meetings. Contact us for information about meeting times and location.

Professional events and opportunities

Tippie Tech was an official chapter of the Association of Technology Professionals (AITP). Members attended the AITP National Collegiate Conference in various Midwestern cities each year. Areas that members were awarded include database, business analytics, and Visual Studio ASP.NET. Tippie Tech is thrilled to begin the University of Iowa's first Analytics and Information Systems competition during the 2017-2018 academic year.

Bi-weekly meetings

Every other week we hold exciting meetings with IT businesses in the technology and analytics fields. These businesses include Tippie Tech sponsors, State Farm, UI Partners, and HNI. These companies love to connect with our members. We give you the chance to get an inside look at them and how they handle their information technology.

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