Four concentrations across three areas of study

We offer four concentrations that are sure to spark your interests and give you a "home" during your Iowa MBA experience.

Fulltime MBA FT Finance

Students learn to analyze complex data, utilize technology, solve real problems, and lead businesses to better decisions.

Fulltime MBA FT Finance

Our top-ranked finance concentration allows students to pursue one of two tracks: investment management or corporate finance.

Fulltime MBA Marketing

Prepares graduates to manage every element of a brand and to add to the company’s bottom line.

Student Story
Sam Atari

Hone your skills

While the Iowa MBA gave Sam Atari a head start on getting a financial skill set, the Henry Fund was what took his learning to the next level.

“Henry Fund is intense, it’s rigorous, and it’s very consuming,” says Sam. “Having the Henry Fund experience lessened the learning curve a lot, so I was able to jump right in and contribute much faster.”

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