Four concentrations across three areas of study

We offer four concentrations that are sure to spark your interests and give you a "home" during your Iowa MBA experience.

Fulltime MBA FT Finance

Students learn to analyze complex data, utilize technology, solve real problems, and lead businesses to better decisions.

Fulltime MBA FT Finance

Our top-ranked finance concentration allows students to pursue one of two tracks: investment management or corporate finance.

Fulltime MBA Marketing

Prepares graduates to manage every element of a brand and to add to the company’s bottom line.

Alumni Story
Justin Botts

Pivot from airline operations agent to senior finance manager

When you’re racing to your gate on the opposite end of the airport, who’s tracking your luggage? Several years ago, it was Justin Botts (MBA12), who as an operations agent oversaw all aspects of ground handling for Continental Airlines.

He loved the commercial airline industry—where he had spent his entire career—but he knew he needed an MBA to break into the operations headquarters as a finance expert. Two promotions later, Botts is a senior finance manager for United Airlines.

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