Specialize with certificates or a joint degree

If you have interest in a specific subject area, you can give your resume a boost by completing a professional certificate as part of your MBA or by adding a Master of Science in business analytics. Explore these options, including how and when to apply.

Certificates in finance, leadership, and marketing

Certificates are interwoven with MBA coursework, so you don't need to take any extra courses. Because they're delivered through the PMBA Program, tuition per class is the same. Course credits count toward the required elective PMBA courses and help you focus on what you're interested in. Earn a professional certificate in:

  • Finance—Managerial Finance plus four electives
  • Leadership—Leadership and Personal Development and Management and Organizations plus three electives
  • Marketing—Marketing Management plus four electives

The finance, leadership, and marketing certificates have no separate admissions criteria for PMBA students, but you need to apply so we can ensure the certificate(s) appears on your transcript. Learn more about how and when to apply for these certificates.

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Business analytics certificate

If you're looking to add a certificate in business analytics to your arsenal, the process is slightly different from the other certificates. The application, admissions criteria, and course credit method is different. Learn more about applying for the business analytics certificate.

Important information about applying

To earn the certificate, you must apply and be accepted into the certificate program before completing your third business analytics course. If you neglect this important step, it is possible that some of your classes may not be applied towards your certificate. Details below

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MBA/Master of Science in business analytics joint degree

Combine the Professional MBA Program with a Master of Science in business analytics, and round out your business skills with data analysis and insight expertise.

In the joint MBA/MS, each degree program accepts, or cross-counts, courses from the other, which in effect cuts the credits you need by five courses. That’s 15 credit hours, the equivalent of about a year’s worth of classes, or about $10k in tuition.

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When and how to apply

Planning ahead is important when you're seeking a certificate or joint degree. Sometimes the requirements can be confusing, so talk to your academic advisor to ensure your plan of study is in alignment.

Certificates in marketing, finance, and leadership

There's no admissions criteria for certificates, but you need to apply so we can ensure the certificate(s) appears on your transcript. Even if you've taken all of the courses for a certificate, you cannot be awarded the certificate until you formally apply. The certificate application is free.

Timing: You must apply for the certificate at least one semester prior to your final semester. For example, if you are graduating in spring 2017, you should apply during or before fall 2016. You can apply after taking all the classes required for a certain certificate, so long as you are a semester prior to your final semester.

How to apply: Apply via our online application portal. Select "Professional and Executive Education" and "Professional Certificates." There's no need to upload transcripts, and you won't be charged an application fee.

Policies: Current PMBA students can pursue multiple certificates at the same time. A 3.0 GPA or better for all five certificate courses is needed for successful completion of the certificate.


Business analytics certificate

The business analytics certificate works differently from other certificates and has its own admissions requirements. See admissions requirements.

Course credit: The business analytics certificate will accept up to nine semester hours of business analytics courses from the Professional MBA, which will count toward the certificate's required 15 semester hours. Only Professional MBA courses that are part of the business analytics certificate curriculum will be accepted. See course list.

Timing: Choosing electives with your certificate in mind will help you maximize the number of credits that will apply to both the MBA and the certificate. You must apply to the certificate program before the competition of your third business analytics course (9 s.h.). Applying before your third course ensures that we can count all of the business analytics courses you've taken towards the certificate.

How to apply: Complete the business analytics certificate application.


Joint MBA/MS (business analytics)

Admission to both programs (MBA and MS) is required to pursue the joint MBA/MS in business analytics.

Even if you've already been fully admitted to the Professional MBA Program, you must apply and be admitted to the Master of Science in business analytics to earn the joint degree. See the MS admissions requirements.

Timing:  You must apply to the Master of Science program before completion of your third business analytics course (9 s.h.). Choosing electives with the MBA/MS in mind will help you maximize the number of credits that will apply to both the MBA and the MS. Once admitted to the joint program, your academic advisor will help you outline a MBA/MS plan of study that lets you graduate in the fewest number of semesters.

How to apply:  Apply separately to each program. See Professional MBA admissions and business analytics admissions pages for details.