Not a Tippie student? Here's how to take our courses.

Students who are not admitted to a degree-seeking undergraduate program in the Tippie College of Business may request special permission to enroll in restricted courses. If approved, permission is given one week after the start of early registration, allowing students pursuing a degree in Tippie to register during the first week.

Business majors:  Do not use the form below.  Please see your academic advisor to request permission for a course in a major other than your own.  Permission can be granted one week after the start of early registration if you meet the prerequisites.

Prebusiness majors:  Do not use the form below. Please see your academic advisor for instructions on how to request permission to enroll in Tippie courses while your admission is pending.

All other majors: 

  • Students not admitted to Tippie may request permission to enroll in restricted business courses.   Please click on the link below to complete the form.  An Undergraduate Program Office staff member will review the request and send it to the appropriate faculty member to seek permission for the student to join the course.  Once a response is received, the UPO staff member will reply to the student with the faculty member's decision.  If approved, special permission will be given on the second Monday of early registration. 
  • Many Economics (ECON) and Entrepreneurship (ENTR) courses are open, so you do not need special permission to enroll.
  • Some courses have special restrictions applied during the second week of early registration that will allow students from specific non-Tippie majors to enroll without special permission. Please refer to the MyUI course listing for details.
  • Mathematics and Actuarial Science students should refer to correspondence from your academic department with instructions for joining FIN:3300 Corporate Finance and other Finance major courses. 
  • Students not admitted to Tippie are limited to a maximum of nine hours of restricted courses.

Request to enroll in a restricted undergraduate business course

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