The Tippie College has adopted a grading option for all undergraduate courses offered during Spring 2020 due to COVID-19. This policy applies to all courses regardless of format (in person converted to virtual classroom or courses that were already online) offered during Spring Semester 2020.

Learn about making a decision regarding the P/NP option.

How to make a P/NP selection

How do I select P/NP for a spring 2020 course?
The online form in MyUI is no longer available. If you are a Tippie student, use the Grading Change Requests Form to make your selections. If you are pre-business or another major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, you need to use the CLAS form.

Is there a deadline for selecting P/NP?
The deadline to use the MyUI form was Friday, May 8, 2020. The deadline for Tippie students using the form above is Tuesday, May 26, 2020.

What if I change my mind?
Tippie students who selected a P/NP grade with the MyUI form can use the form above to reverse that selection back to a letter grade. You may want to discuss the option with your academic advisor.

What if I change my mind about P/NP once the final grade is posted on record?
Students can still use the form above to select P/NP even after the final grade is posted.

Can I use P/NP for one or two courses but not the others?
Yes. You may select P/NP for one, some, all or none of the courses you are enrolled in during Spring 2020.

How does P/NP work?
When you select P/NP, you will need to earn a grade of C- or better to earn a “P”. A grade of P fulfills general education, prerequisite course, major, minor, certificate, and elective requirements. (Some colleges or programs, for example Actuarial Science, may have exceptions based on their accreditation or pre-licensure requirements). If you select P/NP and earn grades of D+, D, D- or F you will earn a N. A grade of NonPass will not count to fulfill a requirement and will not earn credit.

How is P/NP calculated in my GPA?
Grades of P or NP are not used in calculating your grade for the semester. If you select the P/NP for all of your courses this semester, your GPA will appear as 0.00, and will have neutral impact on your GPA.

If I earn a NP, do I get credit for the course?
No, NP courses do not earn credit toward graduation.

How does this work with S/U graded courses? May I take a course that is graded S/U as N/NP?
Yes, you could, but it is not necessary. S and P are both passing grades that bear credit yet have no impact on your GPA. U and NP do not bear credit and have no impact on GPA.

What if I change my mind about P/NP once the final grade is posted on record?
Appeals will be handled in the College of your enrollment according to their own processes.

Students admitted to Tippie may contact their advisor to discuss submitting a petition to request a late change. Students in CLAS or other colleges should contact their collegiate undergraduate office for advice.

How does Pass/NonPass (P/N) affect my admission to Tippie?
Students applying to Tippie who have passed all five prerequisite courses - which include a grade of P - and have earned at least the 2.75 Prerequisite, UI, and Cumulative GPAs are eligible for admission. Students who are denied admission may appeal that decision.

What about grades in ACCT courses for ACCT major declaration?
The Department of Accounting Professional Programs Committee has approved the following policy for P/NP grades to meet requirements to (1) declare the major and (2) enroll in Accounting major courses. Please contact your academic advisor in the Undergraduate Program Office if you have questions.

Policy for the P/NP grading option this semester (spring 2020).

  • Allow a “P” grade in ACCT:2100 to substitute for the minimum B- grade requirement.
  • Allow a “P” grade in BUS:3000 to substitute for the minimum B- grade requirement. This item only applies to students who did not take the writing assessment.
  • Allow a “P” grade to be used for the 2.67 average GPA in ACCT:2100 and ACCT:2200. For example, a “B-“in one course and a “P” in the other course will meet the B- average requirement.
  • Students who select the letter grade option in these courses and are below any of our grade requirements can submit an appeal for admission (similar to current policy).

Will English as Second Language (ESL) courses taken at the University of Iowa with P/NP grading satisfy the requirement that all ESL courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher?
Yes, ESL courses taken during Spring 2020 with a P grade will satisfy the requirement. A grade of NP will not satisfy the ESL requirement.

Can advisors see the grade behind the P/NP?
Consistent with the idea that the selection of P/NP should not be public, nor should it be used to penalize students in any way, the university is seeking to minimize access to full letter grades. We expect that advisors will not be able to see the grades associated with the P/NP option.

Do academic advisors need to approve P/NP?
No, however if you have questions, please rely on your advisor for accurate information about the policies.

Do instructors have to approve use of P/NP?
No, not during spring semester 2020.

Are instructors notified if I change to P/NP grading?
No, professors submit grades for courses. If students selected P/NP, the Registrar’s Office will change the grade submitted to P or NP based on the grade submitted.

How would selecting P/NP affect my eligibility for the Dean’s list or President’s list?
You will need to have a minimum of 9 graded hours (instead of 12 semester hours) during the spring semester. This is a temporary change for spring semester 2020 only and acknowledges the challenges that students may face during this semester.

How does this affect probation and dismissal?
The selection of P/NP should not affect determination of probationary status, except that the course in this category does not influence GPA, so the other course grades will determine GPA.

If I am on academic probation how does choosing P/NP affect my status?
P/NP grades are not calculated in your GPAs. Only letter grades will have an effect on your GPA. If you are graduating this semester or in the summer, and are on academic probation, you should contact your academic advisor to discuss the decision to select P/NP.

If I am on academic probation. What will happen if I select P/NP and earn all NP grades? Will I face dismissal?
No. The Tippie College will not dismiss any students already on academic probation after Spring Semester 2020. Students who are currently on probation will be returned to good standing (if they raise their GPAs to 2.0 or better) or will be continued on academic probation.

What about 15 s.h. limit of S/U credit toward the 120 s.h. needed for graduation. How does P/NP grading work with this?
The two are separate—P/NP is not counted in the S/U tally. S/U or S/F is a grading option that is selected by the department when the course is approved. P/NP is a special option selected by students.

Is there a limit to how many hours can be taken P/NP?
Yes (15 s.h.), but that will be waived for this semester.

How does P/NP work with SGO?
Students wanting to use an SGO this semester must take the course for an A-F grade just as they did the first time they took the class.

How will the degree audit recognize P/NP?
The Registrar’s Office is working to have the degree audits recognize P grades as fulfilling curricular requirements for general education, major, minor, and certificate courses. NP will NOT fulfill requirements.

For registration, will grades of P be accepted as meeting the prerequisites?
Short answer, yes. Most upper-level math courses require a C- or better, so a P grade will be just fine. With regard to our business course prerequisite substitutions, we will accept a P where there is a stated minimum letter grade. For example, BAIS:2800 Foundations of Business Analytics has prerequisite options that include Statistics courses for which students must earn a B or better. A grade of P will be acceptable for meeting the prerequisite in this case. This is the university-advocated standard.

Will transfer students who transfer in P grades be viewed the same as current UI students with P grades?

Do P/NP courses fulfill major, minor, and certificate courses?
Yes, for Spring 2020 classes. This policy will not apply retroactively in respect to earlier coursework taken for P/NP. For example, if you took a general education class as P/NP several semesters ago to earn elective credit, it would not now count as fulfilling the general education category.

Any special things to consider for student-athletes? Can they take P/NP?
They may elect P/NP.

Anything to note about international students and P/NP?
During this time, there is more flexibility from SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program) regarding international students and their status.

  • Pass/Nonpass is permitted.
  • Dropping below full-time due to COVID-19 course changes (i.e. courses that are cancelled) will not affect a student’s status.
  • Check with ISSS if you have questions about your status.

What about courses from CIMBA? Other Study abroad programs?
CIMBA courses are UI courses, and so students are able to select P/NP for courses taken at CIMBA as with other UI courses. However, because CIMBA coursework ended in early April, students were asked to make their grading selection by [April 6]. If you participated in the CIMBA program in spring 2020 and want to amend your grading selection after this date, please speak with your academic advisor about the appeal process.

Students who returned from studying abroad should check with from Study Abroad about other programs.

How will changing to P/NP affect my financial aid?
Check with the Office of Financial Aid for information and updates:

How will selecting P/NP affect future graduate school or job applications?
The University of Iowa has announced there will be a special notation on student transcripts explaining the unique and difficult nature of this semester. Nationally, most universities are offering students a similar grading option. Across all industries and graduate programs, everyone is reckoning with the challenges of the times. In general, our expectation is the organizations and institutions will understand if a student chooses to take the P/NP option for their classes. We recommend that you check with graduate programs you may have interest in for information. Some professional schools, especially in health sciences, may prefer grades in important prerequisite courses.