The Young Alumni Board (YAB) is a diverse group of young professionals whose mission is to support the Tippie College of Business and its undergraduate business program. The YAB creates strong connections between the college and its alumni, and supports current students during their college years as they transition into alumni. Primary activities of the board include bi-annual meetings (hosted in the fall on campus and spring in an alternative location); panel discussions focused on different career paths; feedback on curriculum changes; involvement in the annual “One Day for Iowa” online fundraising campaign; and managing mentor programs for current students.

Applicants have to be within five years of graduation and must hold a BBA degree from the Tippie College of Business. Please review the bylaws in full prior to applying to ensure you’re able to fulfill the attendance and financial commitment requirements of the board.

The Young Alumni Board has created a LinkedIn resource guide for students looking to learn more about LinkedIn, maximize its potential, and ultimately use it to achieve career success. The guide walks business students through how to create an effective profile, build and engage a professional network, and find and secure internships and jobs.

Download the guide

Current YAB members

Sydney Alexander
Sydney Alexander (BBA18)
Mentorship Co-Chair
Senior Analyst, Consumer Inights & Analytics
Choice Hotels International
Washington, D.C.
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Katherine Boyle
Katherine Smith (BBA17)
Channels Strategy Manager
BMO Financial Group
Dallas, TX
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Eric Bundy
Eric Bundy (BBA16)
Director of Product
EF Education
London, UK
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Jiyun Chong
Jiyun Chong (BBA19/MAc20)
Tax Associate
Chicago, IL
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Eddy Gamboa
Eddy Gamboa (BBA19)
Private Equity Associate
One Equity Partners
New York, NY
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Rita Guzman
Rita Guzmán (BBA18)
Enrollment Advisor
All Campus
Chicago, IL
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Steven Hensley
Steven Hensley (BBA15)
Associate Manager, Workday Business Group
Chicago, IL
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Cameisha Hurst
Cameisha Hurst (BBA18)
Senior Auditor
Wells Fargo Audit Services
Enterprise Functions - Conduct and Sales Practices (CSP)
Charlotte, NC
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Noopur Inani
Noopur Inani (BBA18)
Business Integration and Architecture Consultant
Chicago, IL
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Michael Korobov
Michael Korobov (BBA15)
Mentorship Co-Chair
Finance & Capital Markets
Better Place Forests
San Francisco, CA
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Anna Kroeger
Anna Kroeger (BBA20)
Global Mobility Consultant
Chicago, IL
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Katie LaCroix
Katie LaCroix (BBA18)
Board Secretary
Manager, Innovation
Chicago, IL
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Jon Langel
Jon Langel (BBA17)
Langel Consulting Group
New York, NY
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Rachel Langholz
Rachel Langholz (BBA17)
Washington D.C.
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Santino Morena
Santino Morena (BBA17)
Election Co-Chair, Strategic Plan/Pulse Chair
Corporate Development & Transactions Services Specialist
Chicago, IL
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Jackson Nichols
Jackson Nichols (BBA17)
Fundraising Co-Chair
Investment Associate
Northern Trust
Chicago, IL
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Isaac Oberlin
Isaac Oberlin (BBA17)
MBA Candidate
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL
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Sean Riordan
Sean Riordan (BBA14)
Fundraising Co-Chair
Sterling Partners
Chicago, IL
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Kristi Roehr
Kristi Roehr (BBA14/MBA16)
Vertical Marketing Manager
Chicago, IL
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Faviola Santana
Faviola Santana (BBA19)
Senior Associate, Talent Acquisition
Coralville, IA
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Amy Schembari
Amy Schembari (BBA18)
Global Solutions Lead – Compete & Case Studies
New York, NY
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Jordyn Steinkritz
Jordyn Steinkritz (BBA18)
Private Equity Associate
Osceola Capital Management
Tampa, FL
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Thomas Sun
Thomas Sun (BBA14)
Financial Analyst
Cupertino, CA
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Brandon Svac
Brandon Svac (BBA16)
Board Executive Chair, Election Co-Chair
Mortgage Credit Trader
Pretium Partners
New York, NY
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Brett Vining
Brett Vining (BBA13)
Investment Analyst
Select Equity Group, L.P.
New York, NY
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Elisa Zaieva
Elisa Zaiceva (BBA14)
Manager of Accounting Policy
GATX Corporation
Dallas, TX
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Neil Zhang
Neil Zhang (BBA16)
Alumni/Student Engagement Co-Chair
Associate Director
UBS Asset Management - Multi-Managers Real Estate
Chicago, IL
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