Dedicated research with practical application

Tippie is home to groups of researchers whose interests are aligned around some of the most salient issues of our time, including healthcare, women in business, futures markets, social responsibility, and sustainability.

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RSM US LLP Institute of Accounting Education and Research

The institute is devoted to encouraging high-quality research and provides financial support to sustain and enhance our nationally prominent accounting department.

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Experimental Economics Interdisciplinary Research Group (EEIR)

The group provides researchers with common protocol and participants, using real money payments to incentivize behavior in economic situations.

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Social Impact Community

This community of researchers across disciplines at the University of Iowa work together with organizations to develop evidence-based solutions to the most pressing issues in society from environmental sustainability to health and well-being, social justice, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

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Tippie Analytics Cooperative

Virtually everyone who has data requires access to expertise. We build partnerships throughout the region that result in hands-on projects for our students and data-based business decisions for our clients.

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Tippie Leadership Collaborative

The University of Iowa’s resource hub for companies and non-profits looking for experts in leadership, team development, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, and talent management.


Iowa Electronic Markets (IEM)

This is a real-money futures market where contract payoffs will be determined by the outcomes of the U.S. elections.