We believe in the power of real work

That means graduate, undergraduate, and doctoral students alike have hands-on project experiences to prepare them for the real world. And we do this by solving business problems for companies like yours.

Working with our students on projects has four main benefits:

  1. We tackle projects or explore ideas you aren’t able to resource
  2. You get to see our students in action, which helps you find proven talent to join your organization
  3. In almost all cases, projects are overseen by experienced professionals with a track record of success
  4. When needed, you get access to deep expertise, like PhD students organizing and diving into massive amounts of data for you

How it works

Student teams are ready to take on semester-long projects for small, local businesses and national, publicly traded companies—as well as everything in between. The nature of your project drives who at Tippie can help you move forward.

Some clients have specific business needs, like mining through 30,000 lines of insurance claim data to identify trends or evaluating a brand extension. Tippie’s centers and institutes provide consulting in the areas of business analytics, marketing, and international business.

Getting started

In all other cases, work with our strategic partnerships office. We'll talk about your needs and determine the scope of your project.

David Ernst

David Ernst

Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships

Dawn Kluber

Dawn Kluber

Associate Director, Corporate & Community Relations