Meet the Tippie College of Business leadership team

Any organization needs strong leadership at the helm to steer it toward success, and that strength is right here at Tippie. Our leadership team works hard to refine our programs so our students are able to find jobs that provide both professional and personal satisfaction. On top of that, our Tippie Advisory Board provides guidance, support, and insight to the college’s leadership team.

Amy Kristof-Brown

Amy L. Kristof-Brown


Since joining the college in 1997, Kristof-Brown has taught in our undergraduate, MBA, and PhD programs, produced rewarding research, and served as both the Management & Entrepreneurship Department Executive Officer and Senior Associate Dean. Her work with our advisory board and our most important donors is invaluable as she leads the college into the future. Her vision, insight, and past leadership roles at the college are huge assets as we tackle our strategic priorities.

Barry Thomas

Barrett Thomas

Senior Associate Dean

Internationally acclaimed for his research and highly respected within the college, Thomas's role includes overseeing the college’s budgets and all aspects related to the faculty. His experience as Business Analytics Department Executive Officer and as a Tippie Research Professor provide a solid understanding of college operations as he serves in the Senior Associate Dean role.

Charles Keene

Charles Keene

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Program

Keene has experience in a variety of aspects of business including retail, production, sales/marketing, credit/administration, project and general management. He is a member of the American Marketing Association and the American Management Association. He also works with a variety of small business and entrepreneurs in consulting endeavors.

Jennifer Blackhurst

Jennifer Blackhurst

Associate Dean, MBA Programs

Blackhurst’s responsibilities include overseeing the college’s vast portfolio of MBA and graduate offerings. Whether in Italy or Des Moines, Blackhurst’s team works diligently to deliver quality programs to students so that they can make a difference in the workplace.

Nick Street

Nick Street

Associate Dean for Research and PhD Programs

With over 120 published papers and an NSF CAREER award under his belt, Street’s goal is to keep Tippie at the leading-edge of business through innovative research projects that have real-world applications. He is passionate about making connections between the college and other interdisciplinary research around campus and around the globe.

Dave Ernst

Dave Ernst

Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships

Ernst connects businesses and other organizations to resources in the college to help them grow. The Office of Strategic Partnerships develops relationships with all aspects of the business community in Iowa and other states, including corporations, nonprofits, and community associations. It draws together the college’s resources to deepen and broaden connections with these organizations, helping the college gain greater visibility while providing partners with solutions to their challenges.

Katherine Voss

Katie Voss

Director, Human Resources

With over two decades of dedicated service in the higher education sector, Katie has consistently demonstrated exceptional empathy, adaptability, and a firm commitment to inclusiveness throughout her career. In her role at Tippie, she leverages these strengths to cultivate a culture characterized by high employee engagement, ultimately contributing to a positive and fulfilling employee experience.

Lana Tucker

Lana Tucker

Director, Marketing

Tucker has spent the majority of her career working in marketing and communication for higher education. She develops and oversees brands, creates strategies for marketing and communication campaigns, and manages teams of marketing, content, web, alumni relations, and events employees at Tippie.

Linda L. McNiel

Linda McNiel

Chief Financial Officer

McNiel has built a career in finance that began working as a state auditor for the state of Iowa through diverse roles at the University of Iowa to become Tippie's CFO.

Meet our namesake

Henry Tippie

Henry B. Tippie

What’s in a name? Grit and compassion. Determination and success against all odds. Henry Tippie was a man of integrity, who built his personal and professional life on the principles of hard work and doing the right thing.