Leading in business since 1858

The Tippie College of Business' roots can be traced back to just 11 years after the University of Iowa was established in 1847. Our legacy of excellence, family, inclusivity, and technology are almost universal experiences for the college’s vast alumni network. We’re also proud to say innovation has always been part of our story.

The first “business” course we offered was Moral Philosophy, which examined political economy, a subject that evolved to later include modern economics, finance, and commerce. Today, more than 150 years later, the Tippie College of Business is one of the top-ranked, best-valued business programs in the country. Travel the timeline to explore the history of the university, the college, and the alumni who have contributed to our legacy.

  • Old Capital 1853

    University of Iowa established


    Accepting qualified students regardless of race or sex from day one

  • First business class offered


    Political economy, an early form of macroeconomics

  • The first PhD awarded at the UI was in economics

  • Chester A. Phillips

    Elevation to college status


    Chester A. Phillips is named the college's first dean

  • Frank Knight book

    Renowned economist and UI Professor Frank Knight publishes his influential book "Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit"


    Knight went on to become one of the founders of the “Chicago school” of economic theory in the late 1920s and taught several promising students, including Milton Friedman and influenced countless more, including Tippie's Richard Peter.

  • AACSB logo

    College receives AACSB accreditation

  • Mary Murphy

    Mary Murphy (BSC27), Iowa's first female CPA, graduates from the college

  • Diving

    Catherine Shaw Shors (BSC35) recalled having to pass a swim test to graduate

  • Nile Kinnick

    One of the Ironmen of the 1930s, Nile Kinnick (BA40) was an economics graduate


    Kinnick gained fame as an All-American and winner of the Heisman Trophy. Check out Dean Phillips' recommendation letter for Kinnick to enter law school, which he tragically never got to attend.

  • Veteran's housing

    After WWII, the G.I. Bill brought many veterans to campus


    UI offered veteran housing in trailers, barracks, or Quonset huts for $25-$48 per month (utilities included)

    "My hut was anchored to the ground with about four stakes and that was it, so that didn’t work very well. It was a rocky start, but it all worked out okay in the end."

    - Keith Cook (BSC49), a Tippie Society member and Navy veteran


  • Mary Prappas

    Mary Thomas Prappas (BSC49) was encouraged by her parents to get a college education in an era when few women did so


    There were only 35 other women who earned a business degree in 1949.

  • Class in the 1950s

    What’s in a name?


    It turns out surnames played a role in David (BSC58) and Lois (Fritz) Gardner (BSC58) meeting while they attended Iowa, as alphabetized seating put them next to each other in all their business classes.

  • Steads

    Jerre Stead (BBA65) and his high school sweetheart, Mary Joy, gave up college offers at Dartmouth and Northwestern so they could be together at Iowa


    They married and had two children while still in college and lived in a trailer not far from the Iowa River.

    "We were happy as could be."
    - Jerre Stead

  • Full-time MBA Program established


    Becoming the 65th such program in the country

  • Emmett J Vaughan

    Emmett J. Vaughan began his University of Iowa career as an assistant professor directing the college's efforts in insurance education


    He was essential in helping the university earn a distinguished reputation in the field of insurance education while mentoring many of the industry's top leaders. After Dr. Vaughan's passing in 2004, the Emmett J. Vaughan Institute of Risk Management and Insurance was named in his honor. Its professional director is currently his daughter, Terri Vaughan.

  • Computer

    The college’s data processing department was equipped with the finest in IBM machinery

  • The college creates its first off-campus MBA offering


    Opening the door to working professionals to earn an MBA through evening and weekend courses while continuing to work full-time.

  • Doug Couto (BBA72) was a Tippie student when the Slater/Reinow dorms opened


    He and a couple of friends convinced the Associated Residence Halls student organization to rent a bus to get students from the west side to main campus. They could only afford a single school bus but demonstrated that there was high demand. The service coincided with the university's need to start satellite parking for staff and grew into what is now CAMBUS.

  • The college initiates the Executive MBA Program for working professionals

  • Herky

    Kevin Krause (BBA82/JD85) was Herky at the 1982 Rose Bowl when he was sacked by a Washington Husky lineman


    The scene that played out (and got replayed multiple times) on national TV. (See it at minute 25:18)

    “Boom. He ran me right over. I was parallel, my feet off the ground. But I was okay, and an Iowa fan gave me a Band-Aid for the cracked beak. It was certainly my most noteworthy college experience—nothing else I did was broadcast on NBC (luckily)"

    - Kevin Krause

  • RSM McGladrey Institute of Accounting Education and Research is created to encourage high-quality research by accounting faculty


    Learn more about the institute.

  • Calculator

    At her first accounting job out of college, Maria Rydberg Turner (BBA86) remembers having to work with 14-column work papers, an HP-12C calculator, and a pencil.


    "We all had one—and the HP-12C was expensive at $150 (equal to almost $400 in today’s dollars)!"
    - Maria Rydberg Turner

  • The Iowa Electronic Markets, the world’s first prediction market, was founded by three economics faculty members

  • 1989

    “Union Pacific hosted an annual audit challenge, and the year I participated, Iowa State hosted the event. I was lucky enough to have been on the winning team and still receive dividend checks from the original share of stock that was awarded as a prize, of course along with bragging rights for the Hawkeyes!”

    - Cindy Staebell (BBA89), finance human resources manager, Deere & Co.

  • PBB

    Des Moines venture capitalist John Pappajohn makes donation for new a business building, complete with internet throughout, and a lactation room for nursing mothers

  • Henry Fund established


    The Henry Fund has been the defining experience of some of the most acclaimed graduates from the Iowa MBA finance program and now the college’s Master of Finance program. It is named for its founders: Henry Royer and Henry B. Tippie (BSC49).

  • John Pappajohn

    John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center (JPEC) founded


    "I want to make Iowa the most entrepreneurial state in America."

    - John Pappajohn (BSC52), JPEC founder

  • Krause

    Krause Fund established


    W. A. (Bill) Krause (BA57), founder and CEO of the Krause-Gentle Corporation, established this capstone undergraduate student-managed equity fund.

  • Jason Baer

    "I moved to the West Coast to be a part of the tech boom back in the dot com era and worked for a start-up company. I have to credit my initial interest in entrepreneurship from the amazing class I took from John Buchanan. It led me to a now 23+-year career in tech, most recently with Adobe."
    - Jason Baer (BBA96), enterprise account executive, Adobe

  • PBB Computer lab

    Jerre and Mary Joy Stead Advanced Learning Technologies Center established to further support technology in the classroom


    A wireless LAN allows students to use laptop computers in various locations throughout the building.

  • Accounting Writing & Communications Program founded


    "You’ve got to be able to communicate verbally and in writing in order to advance beyond mid-level manager. The writing program helps Tippie students achieve that."

    - Bob Nicolls (BBA80) 

  • Tippie arches

    College renamed Henry B. Tippie College of Business in honor of Henry B. Tippie (BSC49)


    From attending a one-room school house in Belle Plaine, Iowa to the New York Stock Exchange Wall of Fame, learn more about his legacy here.

  • Fearless girl

    The Hawkinson Institute of Business Finance, named in honor of H. John Hawkinson (BA36), was established


    The Hawkinson Institute has become a pipeline from Iowa to Wall Street, providing top undergraduate students with contacts at prestigious investment banks and other financial services firms.

  • Greg Ellison

    Gregory C. Ellison Sr. (BBA73) boosted diversity initiatives in the accounting department while on Tippie’s Professional Accounting Council


    During his time on the Professional Accounting Council, Gregory C. Ellison established a feeder initiative between Tippie and Morehouse College, which continues to this day. 

  • Frank Center

    Judith R. Frank Business Communications Center established


    Check out the Frank Center.

  • Ben Anderson (BA03) and his entrepreneurship classmates founded X-Wires, Iowa City's first wireless internet company, in the early 2000s


    “I remember them setting up a hot spot in the Ped Mall, broadcasting wifi. At the time I thought... why would anyone want wifi outside?”

    - Andy Stoll (BBA03)

  • Pomerantz

    Des Moines businessman Marvin A. Pomerantz (BSC52) provides a lead gift of $10 million for the building of the Pomerantz Center, the 75,000-square-ft. neighbor to the Pappajohn Business Building


    The Pomerantz Center offers MBA-level classrooms as well as admissions, advising, and career services for all university students.

  • The Richard O. Jacobson Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship is established from a $3 million gift from Richard O. Jacobson

  • Iowa Brewing Co

    When life gives you lemons, make… beer?


    Matthew Wolf (BBA82) started the Iowa Brewing Company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with friends after their property took on 10 feet of water in the flood of 2008. He has lived in Denver, Colo., since 1982, but returns to Iowa regularly.

  • Marketing Institute

    The Marketing Institute is established to help prepare undergraduate students for challenging entry-level positions in today’s competitive marketing environment


    Learn more about the Marketing Institute.

  • Business Analytics Program established

  • Gateway program

    Tippie Gateway Program established


    In an effort to create a pipeline of students underrepresented in business, the Tippie Gateway Program provides a free, on-campus summer experience designed to increase awareness of opportunities in business among high school juniors. Anibal Mares Marques (BBA20) is a great example of what the Gateway Program makes possible.

    “We hope this early exposure means more students from every race and background study business, go into business, and hopefully, end up in the C-Suite.”

    - Tippie Gateway Program Coordinator Mark Archibald

  • Tippie announces closure of Full-time MBA Program

  • Tippie Analytics Cooperative established


    The Tippie Analytics Cooperative is the college’s industry-facing arm for all things analytics. We build partnerships through the region that result in hands-on projects for our students and data-based business decisions for our clients.

  • Lorraine Hart

    Hart Fund established


    Lorraine Hart (MBA75) was part of the first wave of women who began bringing diversity to the financial industry. She launched the college’s fixed-income investment fund managed by Master of Finance students.

  • Online MBA Program launches, explodes from 40 to 336 students in first year


    “When we piloted, we knew we had interest. I remember Professor Jen Blackhurst had “Operations and Supply Chain” offered online in the summer of 2018. It filled within eight minutes.”

    - Jan Fasse, senior director of online operations, Graduate and Professional Programs

  • Charles Marberry

    Charles E. Marberry Asset Allocation Fund established


    Scott Taylor (BBA82) established the college’s undergraduate student-managed asset allocation fund named in honor of the late finance professor Charles Marberry who taught at the college from 1959-1988.

  • Extended reality lab

    Extended Reality Lab opens at the Tippie College of Business


    Extended reality, augmented reality, and virtual reality are key areas in the future of business and industry, and Tippie has the technology to explore this new horizon. Interested faculty and staff of the college can explore virtual and augmented reality to extend to their teaching, research, presentations, and special projects.

  • Part-time Professional MBA and Online MBA Programs merge into one Iowa MBA


    Find out more about the Iowa MBA Program.

  • Smith Prize

    Department of Business Analytics awarded UPS George D. Smith prize


    The prize recognizes the leading university in the world for excellence in preparing students to practice in the areas of analytics or operations research.

  • aerial view of PBB

    New Risk Management & Insurance Major


    Starting in the fall of 2023, this new major helps to strengthen the state’s largest non-agriculture economic sector.