Finance is what fuels business

Every part of the financial cycle—from where to get money, how to invest it, how much to price and pay for things so that your company (or your household) stays in business—involves a financial decision. The bankers, brokers, analysts, and planners who make those decisions studied finance, just like you. Tippie’s finance major gives you the skills to make decisions in the face of uncertainty, the fundamentals to solve financial problems, and the ability to communicate your recommendations clearly.

Our department is led by some of the leading minds in finance, and you’ll benefit from their insights and expertise.

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“Not everyone in the C-suite has a financial background, especially not in the utility company where I did my internship. I was proud to be able to present my report in a way that the executives could use and reference.”

94 %

Finance alums employed or in grad school

within 6 months of graduation, 2020

$ 64,000

Average starting salary for finance grads

Class of 2022

$ 770 k

Value of Tippie’s student-managed fund

Krause Fund, January 2022

Hands-on experience you can take to the bank

Tippie’s finance major strives to blend academic theory with real-world problem-solving so you can hit the ground running in your career. Experiential learning opportunities include:

The Krause Fund

A truly unique opportunity to make recommendations for a student-managed fund valued at over 770k.

Hawkinson Institute

Dedicated to getting students career-ready for jobs in investment banking—open to finance and accounting majors.

Marberry Fund

Gives students enrolled in Applied Wealth Management an opportunity to make wealth management decisions with real-world impact.

Vaughan Institute

Prepares students for beneficial careers both in corporate risk management and insurance—one of the state’s largest industries.

Look forward to your future

Tippie finance grads are making a name for themselves in real estate, investment banking, hedge fund management, and a host of other fields. And the networking and internship opportunities we provide have helped them achieve an almost 100% employment rate.

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Additional opportunities for finance majors

Students in class

Master’s in Finance

Earn a master’s degree in just two additional semesters through Iowa’s Undergraduate to Graduate (U2G) program, also referred to as a 4+1.

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HawkTrade Stock Investment Club

Meets weekly to discuss investment strategies, market news, and share stock opinions.

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Study Finance in London

This two-week program will give you a glimpse into how Londoners live and the way business functions in one of the financial centers of the world.

Our London Program

Financial Management Association

Strengthen your financial literacy and access resources to get ready for the workforce.

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Finance lab

Hadley Finance Lab

A dedicated space for finance students that’s equipped with the latest technology.

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Finance lab

Tippie Real Estate Club

Interested in a career in real estate? This student organization holds the key.

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Exchange Magazine

An award-winning publication of the Department of Finance that provides insights into our people and programs.

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A community of students committed to building knowledge and networks for women in finance.

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It's all in the details

Find upcoming events, career opportunities, and more resources in your Finance Toolkit.

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