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Learn from top professors, meet the brightest students, and have extraordinary experiences in Iowa and around the world. Gear up for a college experience that will get you career-ready and help you stand out with employers. You’ll love it at Tippie, with its small-college feel inside a Big Ten university.

Paths to Admission:

Admission to Tippie is slightly different if you’re a graduating high school senior, a current University of Iowa student, or a transfer student. There are a few more differences that apply just to international students.

Direct Admission

Direct Admission is the top-tier path to a Tippie business degree, reserved for the best and brightest first-year business students.

Why go direct?

  • You’ll have access to special scholarships and resources.
  • You’ll take our Direct Admit Seminar where your Tippie Advisor and upper-level students will serve as your mentors.

Direct Admissions Info

“The University of Iowa provides you with a lot of opportunities to find out what it is that you want to do—from direct admit seminar to different career resources and networking opportunities. That's how passion grows, by learning more and digging deeper.”

Standard Admission

If you’re a high school senior who isn’t eligible for direct admission to Tippie, a current UI undergrad exploring business for the first time, or you spent time at another college or university, standard admission is designed just for you.

Who it’s for:

  • High school students
  • Current University of Iowa students
  • Transfer students

How it works:

  • High school students admitted to the UI start as prebusiness students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
  • During your second year, you’ll apply for standard admission to Tippie.
  • After applying to Tippie, you’ll be auto-enrolled in our Pre- Admission Requirement Course to complete a series of virtual on-boarding modules about Tippie, our academic requirements, and advising expectations.

Standard Admissions Info

“I took two ‘Finding Your Major’ classes that made me realize I have so many opportunities – the world is my oyster. By my second semester, I was admitted to Tippie and became a marketing major.”

International students

Whether you join through our standard admission process, or as a direct admit, you’ll find your home away from home in our friendly campus community.

International student information

“My parents wanted me to go to a safe place with a high academic level. That's why I came to the University of Iowa.”

Returning and non-degree students

No two paths to a business degree look alike. Former Iowa students who are returning to the university, or non-UI students wishing to take Tippie courses outside a formal UI degree program are welcome.

Returning student & Non-degree info

“Economics is such a key part of what we do as diplomats, regardless of our specialty. Being able to have a general understanding of economics is a great foundational skill.”

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