A message from our Associate Dean for Research

Welcome to research at the Tippie College of Business.

From its inception to today, Tippie places a high premium on the thought leadership provided by a dynamic, productive, and engaged faculty. Researchers in our six departments have a proven track record of creating new knowledge that moves their field forward, while also engaging constructively with businesses and other external partners to advance the state of business practice.

Here, you’ll encounter demonstrated research success such as:

  • world-class records of academic impact in areas like accounting and management;
  • timely results from young faculty in areas like risk management (finance) and human decision making (marketing);
  • contributions to large-scale interdisciplinary research in healthcare, climate change, and emergency management in business analytics and economics;
  • the world’s only real-money academic research market, the Iowa Electronic Markets;
  • impactful engagement with corporations, non-profits, regulatory agencies, etc. around the globe.

Tippie’s research mission drives the state of knowledge from Iowa to the world. Whether you’re a prospective student or faculty member, academic peer, or potential new partner, feel free to reach out to us if you have questions, or if you want to get involved.

Nick Street

Nick Street

Associate Dean for Research and PhD Programs
Henry B. Tippie Research Professor of Business Analytics

12 %

More peer reviewed articles per faculty member in the last five years

# 11

Most productive management faculty

TAMUGA Rankings, Pubs/Faculty, 2021


Countries represented by our PhD students

Research seminars and speaker series

Behavioral Research seminars

This series provides a forum for faculty and PhD students who conduct behavioral research to present and discuss their current projects in a low-pressure environment.

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Research Methods seminars

This series provides faculty and PhD students in Business Analytics, Economics, and Finance with opportunities to successfully introduce methods, while offering new insights for more experienced researchers.

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Departmental seminars

Each year, several of our academic departments invite influencers and scholars from around the nation to speak to faculty and students. Our current lineup includes:

Faculty research news

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