This experience is what you make it

So let's make it really, really good.

Here, we give you options and opportunities. Consult for a Fortune 500 client. Score a global internship in Paris. Pitch your business idea to potential investors. Lead a student organization on campus.

This is your place to shine. Make the most of it.

“If you want to get involved at Tippie and put the time and energy into it, there isn’t a ceiling that will stop you.”

Tippie RISE

In one major way, your Tippie experience will be different from any other. And that’s via Tippie RISE. Whether you choose to conduct research with top-ranked faculty, snag a summer internship, study business abroad, or consult for a real client, RISE preps you for whatever comes next.

Discover Tippie Rise



"On one of my first research projects, my professor and I researched the effect of HIV/AIDS on labor markets. We wrote a paper together, and I presented it at a conference through the honors program and at the Iowa Statehouse in Des Moines."

Undergrad class


“As a financial analyst intern, I got to see clients starting out their portfolios. I really liked that you are helping someone, a family, a couple or whomever it may be, to save up and invest for a future goal—for retirement, for buying a boat.”



“In the past, I knew I wanted to travel. But now I know I really want to go places.”

Finance lab


“You don’t get a chance at many other schools to work with real money, real companies, real investments.”

Student consulting project

300 +

Capstone projects with outside companies

JPEC team


Student consulting projects with 75 different organizations

Student organizations

Joining a student organization is a defining part of the Tippie experience. Find your community in one of over twenty organizations specifically for business students—like InvestHer, HawkTrade, and Reaching OUT in Business, just to name a few.

“I feel more at home because of the organizations that I’m involved in – BizEdge, Tippie UPO Ambassadors, the Multicultural Business Student Association, and Tippie International Buddies.”

Phoenix Doan
Liz Perez

Leadership opportunities

You may already think of yourself as a leader. Now it’s time to become one. Through Tippie’s many leadership opportunities, you can uncover new strengths, challenge yourself, and make a difference.

“From organizational skills to communication skills, holding a leadership role helped me develop a lot of skills that I use now. If you really want to have an impact, you can at Tippie.”

Centers & Institutes

Tippie’s undergraduate centers and institutes give high-achieving students a leg up in the job market via networking events, experiential learning, and more.

Hawkinson Institute

Prepares Tippie’s top finance undergraduates for careers in investment banking.

Vaughan Institute

Offers undergraduates interested in risk management and insurance access to funding, networking, and more.

Marketing Institute

A chance for Tippie’s top marketing undergraduates to complete field immersion projects for real clients.

Opportunities for Engagement and Belonging

Join the BizEdge community. Become a Summer Gateway Program mentor. Join a student organization that puts inclusion in action. Through a wealth of resources, Tippie strives to create a space where every student feels seen, safe, and celebrated.

“Everyone at Iowa has different backgrounds, different stories, different struggles. And learning about them inspired me to do more than I thought I could.”
Emii Le

Sustainability at Tippie

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword for us—it’s a commitment. From student organizations dedicated to social and environmental change, to the Frontier Case Competition and the Certificate in Sustainability, you’ll find many ways to demonstrate your passion for environmentally sound business.

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